Most UK citizens are having to seriously reassess their financial situation and come up with innovative ways of cutting back over the Christmas period, mainly due to the dire state of our economy and rising prices. This is never going to be an easy task, especially when we’re only just above the breadline to begin with, which is why I thought I’d write this article and give you a bit of a head start. We’ve all got smartphones in our pockets, so it would be mad to overlook the many money-saving software applications on today’s market.

Here are some you might want to check out before it’s too late:

Send Money

This app is ideal for anyone who intends to send their friends or relatives cash over the Christmas period. After setting up a basic account (completely free), users can transfer money all over the world for a fraction of the cost you find on offer at most high street banking groups. Some people have been using PayPal for the last couple of years, but unfortunately, due to rising charges this is no longer a viable solution, which is precisely the reason why you need to download this software immediately.

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Red Laser

This application comes from the same people who own eBay, so it’s pretty safe to assume it’s slightly biased. Still, it’s perfect for saving lots of money when you’re out shopping. Basically, it turns your smartphone into a barcode reader which then compares products you scan to online shops in the hope of finding you a better price. I’ve been using this app myself for a few months now and I’ve probably saved at least £300 more than I would have done previously. You also get links to websites that provide coupon codes, so the savings could become even more favourable.

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Perfect for anyone who is considering booking a short break over the Christmas period, the Trivago software allows users to locate the best deals on hotels whilst also providing hundreds of useful reviews from other travellers who’ve used the accommodation in the past. Although there are many other apps out there that claim to do the same thing, from personal experience I can guarantee this is the best and most simple to use. Don’t worry, if you make a booking Trivago take their commission from the other side, meaning you’ll never pay more than the asking price.

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Ever get sick of carrying a heavy wallet or purse around filled with loyalty cards from all your most favourite stores? Well, now you can leave them at home thanks to this amazing new app from Loyalli Ltd. Over 600 of the UK’s top retailers have come together to use this software so far, allowing millions of customers all over the country to benefit from their loyalty schemes without the need for a card.

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Well, there you have it my technologically minded friends. Now you’ve heard about some of the best money saving apps available to you today, what’s stopping you from making huge savings over the next couple of weeks?

Have fun!