Top 13 Programs To Speed Up Your Computer

Speeding up your computer is something that has to be done eventually due to lack of maintenance or if the technological components are starting to get older and furthermore, work less efficiently than before. Sometimes, after installing a program into your computer, the bytes are shattered into tiny pieces and then send to every part of the computer, making the machine work slowly and inefficiently. That is why relying on programs that can speed up the computer proves to be a good practice when you do not have any other ideas on what to do. The next article lists the TOP 13 PROGRAMS TO SPEED UP YOUR COMPUTER.



Boosting your PC speed and security can be done with just a few clicks thanks to the existence of this program. IObit Advanced SystemCare targets general PC clutter and security threats that might slow down the machine in the future if they are not dealt with at the moment. It is truly an extensive toolkit that can be used for many users in the case that speed is wanted.

It features protection from hacking, the ability to capture the faces of potential intruders with the usage of FaceID, and also it can perform startup optimization, automatic updates, and performance monitoring.


This program manages to walk you through the process of speeding up the computer by performing fast system scans and offering detailed results to make the user understand what is going on within the machine and the reason for its slowness. It is perfect for users who have never used any system optimization tool before as it comes with a refreshing interface that was carefully designed to help any public.


Offering fast and deep scanning that can speed up the device by clearing unwanted files that are just slowing everything in general. There will be two types of scanning: Quick and Deep. While the first one targets common issues like browser history and temporary files, the second choice deals with further processes and deals with more hidden aspects that are affecting your computer’s performance.


This will be a program that is widely recommended for advanced users but not for beginners as there is some knowledge required to understand and interpret the results. Everything on the HDD or SSD will be further scanned and all things that might be slowing the device will be listed. Thanks to its unique approach, all results are shown in multiple categories, and while that is good for the view, some knowledge will be required. However, this lets you deal with specific problems instead of having to check everything at the same time.


This is like a counterpart of the previously explained program as this time there will be speedy scans but the results will not be as organized and detailed as before. The one-click cleanup is something that makes this program perform better than others in the terms of User Experience, but for those who like detailed results then this will be a bullet to avoid.


This is an impressive program as it comes with a suite of interesting tools that can improve the system’s speed and performance without compromising your privacy or security. The way it works is kind of simple to understand, it will check the whole system, and then it will locate all junk files and speed-reducing issues that will be removed. Sadly, this time the user needs to be careful as the interface could be better, but it will work for sure.


Thanks to coming with a good collection of tools, this program will work flawlessly on your computer by targeting and removing all possible speed-reducing data or processes. This tool will come with a disk check and cleaner, uninstaller, startup manager, batch fix, and a maintenance wizard to help you deal with the nuisance that is slowing down the machine.


This one is perfect for those who would like to target specific areas to be cleaned instead of dealing with all the files. It lets you clean Windows files, browser files, and application files and removes everything that is not needed anymore that could be slowing the computer. The results will show you memory cleaned, increased speed and so many other important details as well.


Its name describes itself pretty well as it will help you reduce slowness by relying on a simple interface and strong features that promote optimization. It will carry multiple cleaning processes that manage to boost computer speed. Windows optimization, ram booster, internet cleanup, and hard disk speedup are just some of the tools that are included with this program.


Another good software to boost your PC as it will configure the machine for improved performance by creating or “injecting” a real-time optimization. The good thing about this program is the fact that as soon as it is installed, it will automatically start boosting everything thanks to the system cleaner and registry repair tabs and tools included.


Baidu PC Faster will let you make changes by clearing any unwanted files and performing other optimization tasks that will make the PC work faster than before. There is a virus scan section that will let you check all the integrity of the files to remove anything that it might be reducing the speed of the device.


Simple programs are always well received, and in the case of this one, it will be a lightweight alternative that manages to boost speed efficiently without requiring too much horsepower to work. As soon as the application is executed, the scanning process will take place, and then it will remove temporary files and bad sector errors.


Using customized or default settings, this software lets you make changes in the settings of the computer to take care of unwanted processes and services with the objective of making up space for the memory and furthermore, making the device work faster by cleaning RAM, and disabling automatic updates.