Do you intend to create a website, or redesign your existing website? Do you have all the information about latest website trends? In order to keep pace with the world with quick and dramatic changes, its quite likely that you miss an something on the go and loose a bright opportunity for success. This is why it’s always a good idea to follow trend setters of respective fields.

If you want to convert an ordinary business into a trendsetting one, first thing you need to do is to change its outlook. If your business is online, you must keep your website up-to-date with the newest trends. The more you know, the better it is. And where do you get all latest information about designing? Since, this isn’t your field (or perhaps you’re not the trendsetter of this field yet), the best thing is to follow the market leaders. The reason why web design canada by webryze differ from the rest, is due to their uniqueness, professional approach at their back and analytical eye of web designers Toronto.

Responsive Web Design

Following are 10 most talked about web design trends. Some of them might tempt you to add to your website, and have an upper hand on your competitors.

  1. Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling templates are now available at fairly reasonable price, on WordPress. You can create a real difference by adding this template in your website.

  1. Card design

Card-based designs are perfect for mobile devices because they are responsive and people have quite a few options to see at one go.

  1. Material design

This is an entirely new concept introduced this year by Google. These designs have potential to catch attention.

  1. Ghost buttons

This a new idea to get attention. These transparent buttons have sleek border and contain light fonts. If you don’t want to spoil your images with solid colored tabs, ghost buttons are the best alternatives.

  1. Micro UX

If you want to excite your customers, add Micro UX to give them a reason to smile. This design has the potential to engage the customer, with added animation and funny lines.

  1. Hidden menus

Hidden menus are gaining popularity day by day. Web design services propose hidden menus and hidden navigation, giving users a choice whether they want to navigate further, or not.

  1. Pinned elements

Many users like to see pinned elements, particularly header. Therefore, it is expected that new websites will have this feature, but its not as popular as other trends.

  1. “Scrolling” instead of clicking

If you click or tap on the page, another page takes a little bit of time to load. On the other hand, scrolling is easier. You can have your website redesigned for better user experience.

  1. Upwardly responsive

On one hand, websites are shrinking into smartphone screens. On the other hand, people are showing interest in watching them on bigger screens. It is expected that popular eComerce brands will have this feature in 2015.

  1. Motion design

Motion design is another most talked about design feature of 2015. It’s a new experience watching tiled images moving up and down and change colors.