Choosing an appropriate theme for your WordPress blog can be a bit tricky. From the thousands of free themes available online, it kind of gets overwhelming to choose which is the most apt option for your blogging needs. So, here is a compilation of some basic pointers that you must keep in mind before you decide on to a theme for your WordPress blog .

1)Jot down your desired features

Most of the WordPress themes available online can be customized as per individual needs, yet it is definitely not a recommendation for most people, specially those who are new to WordPress. Take some time out and do some research on the various themes that catch your sight, complying to your needs. Be clear with one theme prior to begining with the customizations, else it might become pretty cloudy eventually and you will be all confused by the time you reach the detailing part.

For example, whether you need one column or two, whether you seek out for customizable colours or rather use a background image. It all depends and varies from person to person and his/her taste.

Although WordPress is pretty easy to use, yet going ahead with customizations might as well need some basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. Install Themes, you will find this filter.

WordPress theme

2)Figure out the purpose of your site

Most of the WordPress themes available online, adhere to a particular type of web site need. Say, for instance you want a website that collects e-mails from the visitors, then you might as well check out for themes similar to Generate Theme presented by StudioPress.
Likewise, if your website is solely for blogging purpose, you might as well checkout the various blogging based themes available. Search on Google by targeting the appropriate keywords for getting the best reverts to your search. You will be shocked to get an infinite amount of recommendations.

3)Smooth navigation is quintessential

Its important to make sure that your website can be navigated smoothly. Either you might settle down with a simple navigation with not much options here and there, or you need more than one.
FYI, if you want to stay away from coding, particularly PHP, you might as well understand the needs and requirements that you seek in a theme, before you try to install one.

4) Understand the layout & spacing allocation needs of your theme

Many themes allow you to make changes in the spacing and layout pattern. You can tweak the default setup as per your needs, add or remove element time and again. For example, if you intending to promote banner advertisements on your site eventually, you might as well choose a theme that gives you the option to avail banner space while to are doing the basic layout touch ups.


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Sofia Brooks is a subject matter expert at IX Web Hosting, and she is WordPress enthusiast and loves anything that is to do with WordPress. When she is not developing and designing themes, she loves blogging and traveling. You can find her at LinkedIn and Twitter.