The transition from the haphazard implementation of projects to a well-organized project management allows the company to leave behind the permanent failure or postponement of the completion of the works that are associated with the project, infringement of technology, permanent financing problems, violation of terms of supply and completeness of all the necessary resources, and much more. The number of simultaneous implemented projects in large dynamic and growing companies riches hundreds, and sometimes thousands. While the increase in number of project management challenges, has led to the emergence of new methods and models in this field, the development of the last one has logically led to the improvement of software products that implement these developments.

Currently, the market of software solutions for project management continues to develop. Each year new applications with extend functionality appear. The software products that are proposed by different developers solve almost the same range of tasks and similar methods, which means that the differences between them for the average user is almost imperceptible. That is why, it is quite difficult to choose the right product your organization really needs among other software with almost the same properties.

First of all, when choosing the project management software it is necessary to have a clue about what are the main functions of such a software. Solution for project management should provide at least the following set of features: a means of designing the structure of the project work, the means of resource planning, cost analysis tools, control tools over the project execution, reporting tools and graphical charts.

For the optimal choice of software for project management, you need to answer the question what data will processed with the use of these opportunities. Also, it is necessary to consider whether a software tool is able to cope with these data, meeting the requirements of the business. In addition, it is important to evaluate whether the software algorithms have sufficient opportunities to correctly and effectively make schedules. Will you be able to repeat the calculation and thus receive the correct result? Is the calculation of the cost of the project correct, taking into account the amount of work? These questions are very important. And you should answer them in case you want to obtain a high-quality, effective and relevant for your business product.

In addition, the selection of a software package may be affected by specific management requirements in a particular subject area. For example, special reporting requirements or the need to calculate additional indicators, the need to integrate the system with other applications or regulatory databases, etc. The qualifications of the personnel who will use the software is also very important factor to consider. Software solutions with great opportunities usually require more skills from users and additional training. They are focused on the professional users, specialists whose main activity is the administration of the project. For those users, who work with the software for project management only from time to time, it is necessary to plan a small range of activities. In large organizations, it is usually possible to find both types of users. And so the task of these organizations is to choose the optimum software solution ensure effective data sharing.