With the internet revolution, businesses around the world have been spreading wings while new business ideas are cropping up undercutting the existing players in a marketing niche. Having said that, we mean there has been a growing need for business intelligence. However, business intelligence in today’s world vastly hinges on artificial intelligence such as data analytics and others. Thus, Power BI development has gained a special momentum.

Power BI is a Microsoft product. It is a cloud based self-service business intelligence. It’s free and its user interface is easy. However, Power BI has applications confined to the non-technical businesses and it flawlessly integrates with other Microsoft products. On the whole, Power BI is a user-friendly product that works to your advantage. Besides, you or your people will not require much training to work on the Power BI development.

Power BI has the multitasking ability. For instance, it aggregates, analyses, and visualises simultaneously thereby generates user-friendly business intelligence at once. The best part is that it has a fairly intuitive interface for the people familiar with Microsoft Excel. In other words, Microsoft Power BI is the next big thing for taking your business to a new height.

Power BI application:

You are aware that Power BI is for non-technical businesses. However, the free version of Power BI aims to serve small and medium business owners while the Power BI Plus is a professional version meant for enterprises. Power BI Plus is available for a onetime fee of less than $10 per licence.

Interestingly, there are three types of Power BI. When you download Power BI on Windows 10, it is called Power BI Desktop while the same works as Saas (Software as a Service) on the web. Again, on Android, Windows, and iOS smartphones, Power BI works as an app.

Key areas of Power BI:

  • Cortana support: Cortana uses Bing (Microsoft search engine) to access the stored data on a user’s phone and it is a voice controlled Microsoft digital assistant for Windows Phones 8.1. Power BI flawlessly integrates with Cortana and allows users to place queries verbally in natural languages such as Germany, Russian, and English.
  • Fast analytics: Since Power BI aggregates, integrates, and visualises at the same time, users can easily create subsets of data bespoke to their unique need for quick insights on a business from different aspects such as the conversion rate and others. In short, Power BI gives a real-time feedback on the happenings of a business.
  • Hybrid support: Power BI has a unique feature. Power BI tools collect data from different sources such as vendors, salesforce, and Microsoft. Therefore, Power BI offers pruned results with precision.
  • API for integration: Power BI offers APIs and sample codes for integration with other software products.
  • Flexibility: Power BI offers customisation of its application and reporting tools bespoke to the developer’s need.

While using Power BI, you may find some more unique merits of it. It’s your usage pattern and the ability to take the product cum app to your advantage that define its credibility to you.