Before you register a business it is important that you fully understand everything you need to know. While there will always be certain things that crop up you may not have been fully prepared for, you should have contingencies in place. Knowing as much as possible will almost certainly help you make your business a success or it may lead you down an alternative path, such as buying a franchise or purchasing a business that is already established.


A business plan is an important tool for all businesses. If you intend to look for financing from a bank, other high street lender, or from a private third party, then you will need your business plan in order to help you acquire this funding. Even if you will find the funding yourself then a business plan can help you by drawing up your list of targets, goals, and what to do to achieve them.

Consider the early months of your business. Once you register a business you will usually need to survive for at least several months before it becomes any kind of a success. The early months can be the most difficult in terms of finding customers and surviving until the company is making enough money for you to live off. Make sure you have money in place yourself for this stage.

Choose a business name. The name of your business is often the first thing that your potential customers will see, and they will judge you according to what they think of that name. Try to choose something that you will be equally happy with in 1 month, 1 year, and 10 years’ time. Changing a company name can be difficult once your business is established.

Once you’re ready, it’s time to register a business. You can do this using paper forms or online, or you can choose a registration agent to assist you. This can prove very beneficial because many agents offer a list of additional services that can save you money and time while ensuring that you set everything up legally and properly.