Keyword density checker is probably the most important tool for an SEO. How? We’ll elaborate. There is nothing hidden in the fact that content of any website is the king to search engine optimization and proper SERPs. It’s very easy to do the math. You have good content, your keywords are well targeted and well placed, this will return in better SEO and your website will work greatly. However in all this you noticed one thing and that’s the fact that a ‘Keyword’ is what matters the most. Whether in SEO, SERPs or even creating content, Keywords are what keeps the engine of search engine optimization running.

Think about it for a bit and think carefully. If it wasn’t for keywords how would you search? I mean even you searched a certain term in the search box and it isn’t the keyword then what’s the point of a search box in the first place? A guy who’s looking for shoes will be getting results on ‘airplanes’ even though that’s clearly what he didn’t meant. Let’s look at it this way. If the SERPs were still relevant even after the keyword isn’t identified, would they be rightly search engine optimized? Of course not and because of this you will have to face a lot of problems as the most irrelevant shoes will start coming up in your SERPs but not the ones that you searched for. So, this way, you understand how important keyword is in the whole process.

Now you need to know how important it is for you to calculate the right keyword density. Keyword density calculation is very important. This will help identify how much original your content is and how much does it rate in quality. If keyword density didn’t work, most people would stuff millions of keywords into a webpage and that would lead them into getting the top place on Google’s search results but sadly it doesn’t work that but Google has its own way of calculating the density of the keyword in its content and it uses the formula to determine what page needs to be on the top.

There is a whole formula for you to calculate what your keyword density is and this formula is similar to how you calculate the percentage of something in mathematics. However, let’s agree that a search engine optimist has tons of pages to properly work on and when he can’t calculate the keyword density fast enough he starts finding ways where he can. Of course he can’t sit at the table with a calculator in his hand to calculate how much keyword density is needed, for this purpose he needs a keyword density checker. The keyword density checker will easily help you get the percentage of keyword density that there is to get you the best SEO results and SERPs that you need for your website. Don’t be a fool, use a keyword density checker.