Web design is not just graphic design as it might seem at first glance. To date, this term includes a number of separate independent directions. First of all web design is a graphic interface of a web site that a user can see as soon as a page was loaded in the browser window, well developed navigation system and, of course, site content. Speaking in brief, it is a whole informational and technical content required for new site creation. It is also its usability – convenience, understandability, friendliness, easy to use interface and much more. Therefore, it is safe to say that the basic design of a web page is not the appearance, but its structure and usability. Web site design begins with through consideration of its structure influenced by site concept and spirit of creators. From the outset, it is important to take into account the number of pages and sections and their contents. To do this, it is important to consider psychological features of the informational perceptual process. Font type and text color are of the greatest value not less than the semantic component.

It is not enough only to know some programs for working with graphics and creative talent to be engaged in web design. Of course, professional web developers are in charge of programming, as they execute particularly complex technical tasks. The web designer’s job is impossible without a clear understanding of how the data is transmitted to the network, how and in what form, his project designs, will finally reach web site users.

Do not forget that the main thing on a web page is its content, the idea it brings. If it is boring, then no one will keep visiting it, no matter how hard you have tried and what means you have used, whether it is a really high-quality navigation, flash, logo or pretty unusual header. When working on web site creation you should consider the interests of existing and potential users. Web site focuses on Internet users, so be confident that your web site will be useful and interesting to them. In the pursuit of web site optimization for search engines, do not forget that web design should not frighten people, but help them by providing information comprehension.

When you create a website of any type and purpose the key attention should be focused on its design or, in other words, web design. It is a very time consuming process and if it is a truly high-end work it requires the participation of several experts at once: artist, programmer, designer, animator, and so on. Web design depends greatly on web site type. It should accurately reflect web site purposes.

The result is that creative process of web design drawing becomes mainly a technical nature problem. Web design actually means web site creation. Only in combination of artistic talents, the widest knowledge of current advanced computer technologies and accurately selected content you can create a memorable site that attract users and make them visit it again and again.