The activity of various companies is more and more connected with the Internet. Doing online business has its own laws, features, pros and cons. The increasing of the global network popularity is due to the fact that the number of Internet users is also constantly increasing. Now Internet is considered to be the main sales channel in many spheres of business as it is used to get all the kinds of information. Every year the Internet increasingly affects the economy. Today ecommerce is not a rare type of business. Some companies have already shifted their business to the Internet, while others create online representative offices – so-called corporate sites.

A lot of companies decide to organize the online business, because common people all over the world trust the Internet more and more: they buy various products, read newspapers and magazines, watch the news and communicate with friends. Internet audience is growing quickly and now it is a new market for companies of various activities. Companies prefer to organize online business, because there are no geographical barriers, customs, different rules and regulation for different countries. So, ecommerce is a business activity that uses global information network for profit making. It is an important element of online business as it gives the opportunity to carry out any business transaction with the help of the Internet.

The first step in online business organizing is its planning. First of all it is necessary to define the main goal and objectives to be achieved. The most common option is to support the existing offline business. So the main goal in this case is to create a new channel for communication and advertising. This option is an example of a corporate site, which was already mentioned above when internet site is not considered as a source of income.

Another concept is the creation of an interactive website that not only provides the information for the clients, but also allows the customer to order and purchase products and services online. In this case you can sell on and offline, so the Internet is used to generate income. The next type of online business is to create the e-store – a type of business that does not exist outside the network. In this case, it must cover the costs and make a profit to its owners. It is created to realize the full business cycle that includes all the necessary components. It is very important to make e-store user-friendly and functional, otherwise it will not attract customers. So, it is better to turn to professional developers, who know exactly what type of template for online shop creating to choose. When you chose the proper template you can upgrade it lately with the help of various additional modules and extensions. These modules were created to make online shopping process pleasant and comfortable for the customer inspiring them to buy your products.