The best way to challenge your brain is to find out things that can puzzle you. And the best the thing is crossword puzzle. The crossword puzzle help will guide you if you are unable to solve it; however, it is better to try without any help. You might find it difficult in the beginning stage, but, you will be habituated once you master it. It is better to be familiar with the crossword terms and terminologies. The crossword varies in language, shape and size. Here are few crossword terms that might help you out:

Across Lite:

It is an application that will allow the users to solve crossword puzzles on the computer. There are users who are more comfortable in solving the puzzles on a screen. They can download the app and start the game.

American Crossword Puzzle Tournament:

It is the biggest American puzzle tournament in the world. It was first started in the year in 1978 by Will Shortz. You really need to be master the game to participate in this tournament. Also, there are terms and conditions that must be fulfilled to be a candidate. Good luck! There wouldn’t be crossword puzzle helphence you got to be more prepared.

Crossword Compiler:

A person who is said to create crossword is said to be a compiler. It is usually used in America and in Britain; the person is referred as crossword constructor. It takes lot of efforts to create a crossword. One needs to possess knowledge to create it.

Crossword editor:

There are several crossword puzzles that is been created. However, a crossword editor is the one who is responsible to choose the puzzles to get it published. It could be in the newspaper, periodical or a magazine.


Have you ever wondered what makes you go crazy? Is that the crossword puzzle? If so, then you are a cruciverbalist. Yes, a person who is enthusiastic about solving crossword puzzle is termed as cruciverbalist.

Some person is interested to play crossword puzzles in newspapers. Some may love to play in computer but if you are a beginner the right choice will be choosing the manual crosswords so that you can involve more. The majority of the people prefer to solve the crossword in paper. To learn the terminologies and types, one needs not to be an expert. The terms are simple only once you begin to experience the game. You will automatically know the terms and internet is the greatest source to find more information, utilizes the technology to develop your logical and analytical skill. Learn the terms without any hassles. Get more puzzle games online and try to solve it in a short time.

These are some of the basic terms that are widely used while dealing with crossword puzzles. However, the list doesn’t end here. There is a complete glossary dedicated to puzzle sector. All you need to do is surf about it and keep updating your knowledge. Do share your feedback with us and let us know if you are aware of other puzzle solving terms.