Slysoft Alternatives

AnyDVD was one of the most important apps developed by Slysoft and they were for many years a cult program for all users on the internet as it was exclusively dedicated to removing and bypassing all the copy protection systems that were included in the software. Due to always being linked to “hacking” as CD, DVD, and Blu-Rays were being copied and backed up in a computer to being shared on peer networks, SlySoft was sued and the AACS LA managed to win the lawsuit.

By court order, Slysoft was forced to remove all of its applications from the server and even shut down its website, something extreme that even to date seems useless and unwanted as their applications were saving tons of time and resources to people who needed their services.

Luckily, thanks to the advancement of technology, there are many alternatives to Slysoft’s applications that are currently being supported and developed without any problem, meaning that they are safer to use. The next article will list the SLYSOFT ALTERNATIVES and explain their features and offerings.


Sadly, a program just like AnyDVD does not exist anymore due to legal measures, but it is simple to find alternatives that might not be as portable as Slysoft programs, but they still manage to deliver the wanted results.


Its name might be already enough to make certain individuals understand its whole functionality and purpose. This is a cross-platform software that is available in Windows, Mac, and Linux. It works by converting any DVD or Blu-Ray to MKV format even when they are protected by the strongest anti-piracy systems and measures. Luckily, this program also allows the user to keep the disc information and chapter lists, meta information and so much more.

Also, thanks to all the included tools, there will not be any external programs required to make this MakeMKV program work as intended. It comes with the necessary codecs to convert everything by itself. Finally, it is extremely simple to use as it is just putting the disc in the computer and then loading it into the program that will then list the clips on the disc. All that will be left is that the user checks the wanted clips and click on CREATE MKV.


Unlike the previous program, this one allows the user to convert any DVD movie to AVI format in the short amount of 5 clicks as it comes with a simple-to-follow interface. bitRipper is designed for less advanced users who just need a certain tool without having to change many parameters in the process. However, advanced users can also use this software as they can configure the conversion parameters to suit their needs.

Once again, the interface is extremely intuitive. All that is required is to select the DVD in the Drive option and then select the wanted track, after that, choose the output folder in which everything will store. Finally, all that is left is clicking on START RIPPING and waiting a little until the process finishes.


Even though it is a commercial application that might be out of the question for many individuals for its price, the lite (or free) version comes with specially designed tools to watch protected DVDs and Blu-Rays on the computer without creating backup copies. This alternative might work for individuals who just want to stick with the traditional options and watch everything on their PCs.

However, it is possible to make backup copies of the DVDs or Blu-Rays with the usage of the commercial application, but this once again involves paying for the application license, making this one an option that might not be available for everyone.


This software could also prove to be not enough for certain individuals as it might not work with modern Blu-Rays or DVDs that come with legal and compatibility measures different from the older formats. However, it does work flawlessly with older DVDs and Blu-Rays, making it an outstanding tool for those who are looking for ways of making backups of classic or older movies.

This software allows to copy the data directly to a blank disc or save it into the hard drive of the computer, meaning that is a versatile program that can help many save their loving memories.


A relatively new company is the one behind the creation of this software-based in China that focuses on selling many ranges of movie backup software. Blu-ray ripping and DVD products are also included. The only problem with this approach is the fact that buying a license is required to get access to the explained features, but it is possible to buy a lifetime license.

Even though the DVD ripping product works efficiently, the Blu-Ray counterpart requires a third-party ripper to work as intended, so this option should be ideal for those who are looking for ripping services for their DVD.


Ideal is a Chinese company that focuses on selling Blu-Ray ripping software at “affordable” prices and they constantly update their software to allow decryption of new and modern movies that prove to be annoying due to modern anti-piracy settings. They also have a solution for decrypting DVD movies, but it is only available by paying a license.


Available in both Windows and Mac, this ripping product comes in a single solution that will be available under free trials. They work efficiently even against modern movies and formats that have a lot of security and anti-piracy measures that develop problems for other ripping products. A lifetime or temporary license is needed to use the software unless you just rely on using the free trial.


Both a Blu-Ray and DVD ripper require a license to operate and are available on both Windows and Mac. Thankfully they are still operational, meaning that they constantly launch updates to make their software work more efficiently and deal with modern measures more practically than other previously listed programs.