Before you ask, this isn’t another article on the wonders of local SEO. While we think this is one of the best ways that a local company can utilise the internet, we’re instead going to look at the benefits of using a locally-based SEO provider.

SEO Outsourcing

We’re now in an age where it isn’t uncommon to be based in East Anglia, yet use an SEO provider based in Australia rather than the Suffolk SEO service located around the corner. Even though some companies may experience success with this approach, the ever-changing nature of SEO means that we only believe in using services that are based in and around your area. Why do we think this? Read on to find out…

Reason #1 – Nothing beats that face-to-face meeting

First and foremost, nothing will ever beat that face-to-face meeting. No matter how clear that Skype video call is, it’s never going to beat turning up to the office of a local company and discussing just what direction you want your business to take. It builds that elusive trust and you can get a better feeling of the true reputation of the provider.

Reason #2 – Local providers have a history of dealing with clients in your area

That big international provider might make big claims, but ask them if they have experienced success in your local area and it’s probably a big fat no. There are never any guarantees when it comes to search engine optimisation, but if you can see successful results of other local businesses it certainly gives the impression that they can be effective in your area.

From a technical perspective, they will know exactly which local directories will permit links, as well as all of the other ‘local knowledge’ that simply cannot be obtained by a provider who is not based in the area.

Reason #3 – They can combine offline and online marketing techniques

Even though you may have only enlisted a provider to help with your online marketing efforts, the beauty of staying local is that they can actually benefit from an offline perspective. One of the common link building methods is to utilise local media, such as newspapers and magazines, and ask them to cover a product, service or event that the company is providing. Sometimes there will be a cost involved, but this is not the point we’re making. Due to the fact that most newspapers now have a massive online presence, it means that anything that is published in their paper version will most definitely appear online – and subsequently provide a boost from an SEO perspective. If you were to then ask an international firm to approach the East Anglian Daily Times for example, the chances of it happening are slim to say the least. Local providers have local contacts, and these can prove to be invaluable.

Reason #4 – It’s easy to find out about their REAL reputation

Unfortunately, the nature of the internet means that it’s far too easy for companies to carve false reputations for themselves. Some will rely on fake reviews, while there are a whole host of other tactics that can mask their true reputation. While this could still occur with a local company, the fact that you can directly contact their clients means that there are at least mediums to find out more. With so many unreliable SEO providers now in business, this research is arguably more important than ever.