Samsung is not only the leading manufacturer of smartphones, but also the most rival brand of other superior brands in the market such as Apple, Sony, LG and HTC. However, the benefit of this competition is going to the smaller Chinese brands, which are actually rising in no time because of their lower price product. But the premium is premium, which comes with the smooth and ease of life, and one such solution from Samsung is arriving with the title Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would not only come with the latest configuration but also the new touch wiz which appeared in the S6 for the first time, the same touch wiz which looks similar to the original Android interface and we must say it is better. And it made the device easier; for example, even a notebook and turned dialer altered and increasingly resemble a normal Android. The keyboard at the same time remained comfortable enough – at first we were afraid that would interfere with the edges rounded off the screen (in case of S6 Edge), and then sort of used to it. So, it didn’t occur in case of S6 Edge, hence Galaxy Note 5 Edge is also safe from such problems.

The chipset of Galaxy Note 5 is even going to be more powerful then the chipset in S6 Edge, which works in 64-bit mode, the result of Antutu passes for 70 thousand points – perhaps the first time in history! And now you can imagine the score of even 75,000. Which is actually insane for the smartphone era. Moreover, as we talk about the Galaxy S6 Edge performance in the JavaScript-tests allow for at least some performance comparison with the iPhone 6. In Google Octane smartphone Samsung lags behind the iPhone 6 (6256 points) quite a bit, but the difference with the iPhone 6 Plus (7056 points) is significant. In Mozilla Kraken Apple products are already faster than a quarter. The performance of a single core Samsung gives the iPhone, but the performance of all cores bypasses the “apple” competition twice. That is, to put it mildly, to explain the relation of the number of cores in smartphones. However, in any case, browser-based tests are too heavily dependent on the performance of the browser itself to do on the basis of far-reaching conclusions. So, S6 Edge has done its job and Galaxy Note 5 would of course do its final job after the release date, which is actually schedule between around August.

Also, the new S-pen and longer battery life rumours are making the launch more interesting and millions of people are ready to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and there could be disappointment in the end as well, because people are expecting lots more.