When you will look around on the internet, you will find lots of information and the most confusing thing about this information is that most of the information is contradictory. People are bound to this and nothing can be done. This is due to the reason that Google is coming out with new algorithms   every few months which makes it very difficult to distinguish myth from the truth. Here are a few myths explained and reasons why they should be totally ignored.

Rankings on a search engine means success

 When we see our website on the first page of the Google, the feeling is out of the world but have you ever considered what search terms make this possible. If no one is showing for the phrases which you have put and if they are not more relevant to your business than your website cannot be successful. No one is interested in things that are lacking things. For example, if a shop shows only one pair of shoe then you will find that no one will be interested in buying one pair.  Another example is that if your website is showing up in other irrelevant searches than also your site will lack success.  On the search engines keywords play a major role and that is why experts always stress on making keywords relevant and best phrase to use on your website.

More the links better for your business no matter where they are coming from

 There are some web masters that focus on getting more and more links; they prefer quantity over quality .This concept is totally wrong especially in the wake of the Google panda updates. Link building should always focus on enticing a range of quality links to the applicable pages on your websites. We all know how much damaging are spamming links and they can entirely hurt your website. So it is important that you know from where your links are coming and always be selective about it. Try to get relevant links for your websites. Stay away from sketchy automatic and buying links exchange.

The content is less important than link building

Inbound links are very important for search engine optimization when your site is not having useful content on the website. The main purpose of the SEO is to bring traffic to your website but it is very difficult to get good quality traffic to the site when your website is not having any useful content or any information on it. Developing good and quality content on your website will not only help you in bringing quality content but will less increase your rankings in search engines. You can also earn inbound   links at the same time