Android Apps always help us with day to day activities to help reduce effort of performing mundane tasks. Whether they be apps for better travelling, better music experience, payment of bills or shopping, there is an app for almost everything we can fathom and they’re there to lead the way every step of the way.

Here are the most popular apps on Android right now that you absolutely must have in order to amplify your experience with your beloved smartphone:

Voice Changer

Voice changer is a great fun app to have that will bring life to any party and also help entertain you when you’re lonely or longing company. Through the app you can modify your voice and apply a variety of effects to have nonstop fun. You can change your voice to an old radio, chipmunks, echo, helium and many more fun effects that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. It is definitely an app that will brighten your mood and bring the roof down with a laughter riot.

Math Tricks

This is a great app not only to teach kids quick and easy ways of doing mental calculation but can also be enjoyed by adults alike. Through this app you can speeden up your mental math and amaze everyone with quick calculations. Learn the art of multiplying large numbers, squaring them, easy division short cuts and much more. These tricks can be applied by school children, college going students as well as people who work as it has vast applications. It will not only reduce your dependency on a calculator but also keep your mind sharp and active which is the need of the hour. Speaking of math and subtractions, get yourself a new smartphone at amazing prices with added deals using flipkart coupons to enjoy these must have apps.

Mobile Location Tracker

This is a great application that helps you keep track of all the places you’ve visited and review them at the end of the day. The best part is that the app can work even if the GPS is turned off. You can track your locations date wise and review at a later date where all you’ve been. You can save the locations in its data base and review it monthly as well. It’s a great app to keep in check where your family is especially for worrying parents as they are assured of their child’s safety.  It only stores the locations on the phone and does not share them on any public platform. This is a great app to keep when you want to be assured about the safety of loved ones.

Photo Editor Color Effect

This is another fun app that helps you play around with the photographs you capture with your smartphone. You can find a smartphone with an outstanding camera using amazon india coupons and fully enjoy this app and use it on your stunning photographs. Through the app you can easily create a photo collage and grids to capture beautiful photos in one location. You can play around with your hair color, eye color or even your car color to really add a dash of excitement to your photographs. You can easily gray out portions of the image and add frames as well. This is an addictive app that will keep you hooked for hours!

Equalizer and Bass Booster

This is a must have app for music lovers helping them enhance the sound quality of their phones and be able to enjoy every beat and tap of the music making it all the more pleasing. You get to use a virtual equalizer that helps you not just boost bass but also adjust the treble and other features of your sound box. You can choose from 10 equalizer pre sets to see what suits your ears most. This is a must have app for music lovers as it really helps you bring out every detail of the music helping you listen to every beat crystal clear and truly take your musical experience out of this world.

Download these amazingly popular apps on Android to truly tweak and enhance the working of your smartphone. These apps are the key to unlocking the potential of your smartphone to help you enjoy daily activities better.