In this modern era of today where life is incomparably fast paced with the major industrial revolution and dynamic business environment, excellent infrastructure and countless incredible innovations our lives have been completely transformed into something we never thought was possible. The point to ponder on is how on earth did all this become possible? Of course the credit goes to IT (Information Technology). IT undoubtedly has brought about a drastic change in the simple structure of our lives. How exactly?

Mainly IT has made communication easier, cheaper and quicker. Distance of thousand miles simply do not make any difference. In fact it is the last thing anyone could be concerned about. millions of projects are completed, countless orders paced worldwide, innovations, technological developments are done through IT with the help of internet facility, different soft wares etc. on laptops, cell phones and computers.

Furthermore, it’s the IT which is multiplying the revenues of different businesses which a couple of years back no one would have dreamt about. For instance, tourism now has increased so much and this sector is flourishing. Due to IT people now simply do work in their homes with abundant leisure time left which they mostly spend on vacationing out on. IT is also the main reason why the backwards countries are ow emerging on the glob successfully. Its flexibility is the most attractive. One can make use of it anytime. Jobs can be done 24/7 without any hectic. IT has minimized the costs to establish a business at most. Any business can be started through its help. Simply make your own website and you are on. Business started. IT has cut down many jobs but if we observe carefully we will get to know that IT has also created many jobs of that of a programmer, software engineer, web designer and developer etc.

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Moreover IT has significantly reduced the costs of the businesses, thus increasing profit margins and encouraging businesses to invest more in IT to maximize profits in this competitive corporate world. This has in turn been satisfying consumers demand for different goods and services. Hence, improving their living standards at most.

IT has helped numerous businesses in extracting information on different topics. For instance now in the 21st century businesses are aware of what prices to charge, where to supply their products, what features to add according to an individual’s demand, what customers to target, which supplier to use etc. All this information is available through the use of IT. Hence making businesses more efficient due to their good knowledge of the market. Also thousands of businesses across the globe are increasing their sales through publicity on internet which obviously is a major component of IT. As millions of users log onto the internet daily they get to know about the goods and services available and buy them eventually.


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