Previously, with the invention of mobile phones, we had to recharge our numbers with international calling cards so as to be able to make calls within an affordable price. But with the arrival of Android into the market, making free calls has become lot easier and convenient. Although the carriers are putting a choke on the unlimited data plans but does that mean that you’re losing out? There are free Wi-fi hotspots that are popping up from everywhere and you’ve also got Wi-fi at home and at office. With such facilities available everywhere, making international calls is no longer a factor that you need to consider. Here are some mobile apps that you can install in your smartphone.

Mobile apps
  1. Fring: From calls to chat to video calling, Fring has a lot going for it. Through this app, you can add some other communication devices like AOL and Google Talk with your phonebook and let the app be used appropriately for making international calls. Of course the only catch here is that the other party also needs to have Fring on their phone but this isn’t a big problem as this is available not only on Android but also on iOS and Nokia smartphones.
  2. Nimbuzz: Nimbuzz is more like an army knife for messages and calls. You can easily bring over your friends from ICQ, Facebook or even MySpace. This works on almost every phone which is out there from Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. This particular app is also available on your desktop and hence you can even use it on your Mac. You can use it to make regular phone calls using credits and it also has a web-chat feature through which you can connect with your friends using other PCs.
  3. Skype: When it comes to any kind of free calling list, the list is never complete without Skype. This particular app has got the status of a verb where it has become a synonym of  calling over a computer. Since the release the international calling apps, mobile has benefited greatly by the different kind of apps that have been released but nothing works as good as Skype. You can call any computer or phone free of cost provided that person has Skype installed in his/her computer.

Therefore, when you’re worried about your wallet wondering about the costs that you’ll incur when you make international calls, you can choose to install the above mentioned mobile apps.