If you’re an application developer for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, you’ll understand just how frustrating it can be to put in hundreds of hours of work only for the application to be ignored in the marketplace or used very little. This is not good for app development or your bottom line as a developer and programmer. For example, if you’ve been hired by a company to develop an application for its brand, in many cases it needs to be monetised. But monetising an application that simply sits neglected in a marketplace is not a great way to pay the bills, nor is it going to attract advertisers to your product.

app marketing

Marketing Made Easier

There is so much competition in application development that a tool is needed to rapidly analyse user behaviour and provide marketing solutions that are intuitive and real time. The very latest in-app marketing platform software has been developed to analyse user behaviour and provide a real-time platform for campaign management, so that developers can adapt to user behaviour and optimise marketing messages and responses that drive more engagement and application use.

This type of framework provides real-time statistics on how application users behave and how they respond to marketing campaigns and other in-app messages. By providing this real-time information, developers can:

  • See at a glance how marketing and messaging campaigns are driving engagement and adapt them to optimise user behaviour
  • Control how their campaigns are targeted by setting up simple rules to drive user engagement, including in-app messages and toast notifications
  • Use A/B testing that provides easy for reading analytics on how users respond to the way different campaigns are implemented. Through this process, the campaign that results in the most engagement can then be used

Personalised Marketing and Messaging Is the Key to Engagement

In a world where just about everyone seems to be connected to the Web through mobile devices, a vast network of information about user behaviour is constantly being collected and stored. Application developers and marketers can use this information to target users at a more personal level, thus driving a better quality of engagement.

As an app developer and marketer, imagine being able to respond in real time with an in-app campaign that delivers streaming video personalised to individual users. Through the use of powerful analytical frameworks, it is possible to produce targeted campaigns for the purposes of advertising and personalising messages. In this way, user behaviour is analysed, responded to, and changed in real time, and not simply put aside as an agenda item for the next meeting.

In the 21st century, personalisation and customisation are the buzzwords that drive user engagement forward. Using the power of a software framework that allows real-time analysis and campaign management is the best way to make your application noticeable in a saturated market, and to make it a more personal experience that users will keep coming back to.