Drones that use remote control won’t last long in the hands of a beginner. The neophyte opens the package, starts to play around in just a couple of hours and its ruin and turn into pieces. Symax x11 is different. This is one kind of drone that last longer. The price of this drone is affordable, especially for beginners. The Symax x11 is an ideal mini-copter. After this readings, we will find out if Syma x11 Hornet is worth buying for.

Syma x11 Hornet Specs:

  • The drone has the same length, width, and height of 15.2 centimeters.
  • Its flight time is about 6 to 8 minutes.
  • The battery charging time is about 40 minutes.
  • And it has a capacity of 3.7volts. It has a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz whose range controller is about 130 feet.
  • Drone weight is more or less 26 grams.

Flying Characteristics:

The Syma x11 has the capacity to fly by all means.  Mastering the control is not a big deal. The remote control could be operated even for beginners or first timers. The copter can fly swiftly even in a low mode. Outside usage preferably using the high mode. You can fly swiftly even with strong winds outside. Remember never fly so close to trees and shrubs this might hinder your copter.

Durability x11:

  • It can take many hits and is considered durable.
  • In Spite of the fact that the drone hits the trees, walls, ceilings, and furniture still it can manage to fly again.
  • Even though the drone landed in the water, it still manages to functions after the wet batteries were taken out.

Now it is really important that you should consider the durability of the product.

Quality Build x11 Hornet:

Consider the good build quality of electronic gadgets regardless of the size. X11 is a well-built device and has a sturdy, not the brittle quality of plastic that is being used. It has an additional prop guard that adds to the long lasting life of the drone. The prop guard is flexible and rubbery a good sign of quality. The remote controller is also built well. Users who are knowledgeable wit gadget hacking can make the sticks longer. It would also be alright if you wish to remove the thumb pads

Final Words:

Overall, the drone is very easy to handle. Its features are so friendly. It comes with a camera even capable of performing flips.