Some expert designers make logo designing seem like a very easy task that can be over in a few minutes after slapping together of a handful of different shapes and types. However, there is a lot more that goes into the designing of a business logo. There is a considerable amount of effort, time and effective thinking procedure that go into the process of logo designing. Though it looks simply like a very tiny thing, a logo is the mirror that reflects the brand identity of a particular business. As the logo represents the complete brand, it has to convey the value, identity of it and a lot more. This tiny piece is beyond just a tiny design job. It undoubtedly is the most important part of the designing job that a group of web designers need to take care of.

There are certain very important steps to follow for creating an attractive logo for a particular business.

Logo Design

Ways of creating a visually appealing logo……

The perfect logo is quite powerful in terms of the use of image or typo-graph. It has to be unique and nobody should confuse it with any other logosof different businesses, especially that of a competitor. So a good logo has to be recognizable that it can be easily associated with a particular business. It has to have a timeless value that it can look relevant and fresh even 10 to 50 years down the line. Vancouver has a number of website design companies. It is up to you which company doing website design in Vancouver for offering the best design solution.

It is very important to have a logo that can re-inforce the brand and convey the perfect tone, mood and expression from the end of the business owner. It is the choice of the business owner to decide whether the logo should literally represent a particular business type or not. However, it has to support the brand effectively.

Different types of logos…..

There are three major types of logos, viz. Literal logo that contains an image that reflects the exact type of business, Logotypes that are typography-based logos and also Abstract logos, in which the imagery is not directly linked to a particular type of business and rather reflects a particular mood or feeling.

Logotypes: Logotypes are usually quite common while they add a very distinctive twist to an existing typeface. This particular variant is effectively useful for diversified companies that are involved in multiple businesses.

Literal Logos: Literal logos are actually very common and also lend a well-thought out meaning to the name of the business. Usually, small organizations and start-up businesses are extremely fond of these kinds of logos. These kinds of logos are easy to recognize and they usually leave very little options open for interpretation. However, some of the firms offering web hosting & website design in Vancouver have smart designers who can make very clever use of hidden imagery or dual meaning.

Abstract Imagery: Abstract logos are impressively useful in their own way too. These are particularly effective for diversified business, as the logo conveys the perfect mood and tone in a better way, compared to just a specific business type. Often the logo does not need to directly convey the work of a business clearly. The logos of Apple, McDonalds are the ideal examples of this particular variant of logo.

Author’s Bio: Alice is one of the veteran designers working in E Search TechnologiesShe is an expert in logo designing and often writes articles on different aspects about designing including logo design aspects.