The advent of Smartphone has brought technology into the life of common man. A range of innovations await you and in case the smartphone manufacturer is not ready to provide all of these, viable options exist for the smartphone user.

Internet can act as a solution provider and by scanning through the internet; you will be able to come across a range of apps that adequately cover all the areas of your liking.

Mobile App Development History

Mobile application development made its presence felt in the initial days of twenty first century. A range of apps made their appearance and the world of mobile applications changed forever. Some of the mobile applications that became popular in the initial days of advent of mobile technology were:

•Editable ringtones



•Audio and Video Editors

mobile app development

However, despite their advantages these mobile apps had certain limitations too. As these were pre installed by the manufacturer, in no circumstances, the user could install any more of these mobile applications. Moreover, as these mobile applications had limited memory, not much experimentation could be carried out.

Advent of Smartphone

With smartphones making their entry in the market, the metrics of judging the mobile app technology changed to a great extent. Improvement in terms of increased processing speed, internet connectivity and memory capacities made the scenario brighter.

Mobile apps made their presence felt distinctly, first on the web and then on the smartphones itself. Initially, the mobile applications were used for gaming purpose only but serious applications for banking, health, retail and strategy development started making its presence felt.

Mobile app developmentgot a boost from the fact that the smartphones run on operating systems which support a range of customizable apps. This increased the range of mobile apps and brought them closer to an average mobile user.

Range of Platforms

Most of the mobile applications work on operating systems like Windows, Symbian, Bada and Android. A distinct advantage of these operating systems is that they act as platforms on which these developments take place. These applications might be restricted to a single platform and can also work across multiple platforms.

App Development has transformed itself into a viable business option over the last few years. This has resulted into emergence of companies which develop apps for mobile phones. Another area into which these mobile app development companies have ventured is the seamless integration of these mobile applications into various network infrastructures.

In the coming years, the Web Application Development is all set to move beyond its domain and create new ways of doing business.

Cloud Application is one such area and it has made its presence felt in the form of Dropbox. The traditional web based application enables the mobile app technology to reach new users.

Mobile apps have another innovative use. A range of secure applications, particularly in the banking sector have come up owing to evolution of mobile app technology.

A range of software development centres and offshore software development companies are set to make their presence in the next few years. They will provide web application development services which are sure to bring a drastic improvement in mobile application services in the coming years.