Ethical service providers need to maintain a high standard of transparency and honesty in the land of search engine optimization and shy away from using any crooked means for the purpose of boosting search engine rankings, thereby developing a solid clientele with a trustworthy relationship. The following article lists some things to keep in mind to choose an ethical SEO agency.

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Following considerations should be kept in mind before hiring SEO Consultants who work ethically for your website:

  • Ask for a list of current and past clients and their basic contact information, so that you can verify the effectiveness of the candidate and whether he or she actually worked with those specific SEO campaigns and what degree of success did they achieve. A transparent services provider will provide these details easily if only to highlight the positive impact of their work on the search rankings and gaining wider audiences.
  • An ethical consultant will be eager to tell you what methods and strategies they are planning to use to increase your SEO ranking and set a realistic schedule to achieve desired SEO goals. This should compulsorily include an initial tech review of the website to drag out any basic problems like broken links, error pages, etc. that lower SEO ranking. Strategies should include both on-page and off-page optimization methods.\
  • They should strictly adhere to webmaster guidelines provided by search engines, the most common one being the Google webmaster best practices, that includes prohibition of common SEO tricks like generating spam content and adding bogus links, etc. Similar guidelines are given by Bing and Yahoo! as well.
  • Beware of cons who give false assurances of a number one ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo as these are solely controlled by the search engines themselves. Steer clear of any consultants who claim to get you priority search engine rankings through personal relationships with Google and other search engines.
  • Small businesses looking to draw local attention to them will want to engage the services of a consultant who understands local SEO techniques like adding the business’s city and state to the websites title tags and descriptions and get included in local Bing, Yahoo! and Google listings catering to specific areas.
  • All the changes made to a company website and its various pages should be done with the explicit approval of the client from altering the website code to adding new tags to existing HTML code to adding new pages to the site.
  • When the contract between you and the consultant expires or is terminated, all the web content that was commissioned and optimized for your website and paid by you should be owned by you. The consultant will not be permitted to change any content that was added or modified for your purposes.
  • Fee and payment terms need to be discussed beforehand and a service provider should explicitly state whether he is charging by the hour, the retainer or per project.

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