In any of the social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, there is always a small war going on of likes in pictures. Those are placing their pictures on these sites are always waiting that there likes should be more when compared to others. I am also one of those who want more likes in the pictures compared to my friends. I have a younger sister who jumps in happiness when her pictures get more likes.

But since she was not having a good amount of pictures here likes were going down. She was getting more depressed and in few days time all her smiles were gone. I told her that it is just a social media sites and she should enjoy more while playing. But she tells me that she takes part in many events and clicks many pictures. If there are not many likes then it means that people are not noticing the achievements. Some of the things that she was telling me were good but still it was not on my mind.

The main things that I noticed that she only want more like and nothing else. I started to ask my friends to like her pictures. It was working but a time came that my friends were not interesting or they were busy with many kinds of stuffs. I knew that soon my younger sister will again roam in house having a sad face. I really did not want that to happen.

I was getting tired of asking people to like the photos of my sister. I was searching on the internet how I can increase number of likes and then I found all the answer at Sozialy. This is one site that provides many likes in an instant at affordable price. I purchase the likes from Sozialy and placed it on my sister’s social media account.

The prices are really cheap that helped me a lot to help my sister. Soon my sister became one of the popular students in her school and I was getting a bit of jealous. Still, my sister is asking me that how she is getting all the likes but I can only smile at her. She also asks that there are many different people who like her pictures. I always do tell her that she is getting more appreciation than others and which is a good thing.