Living away from one’s family is not an easy thing to do, especially for an individual who is doing this for the very first time in his life. When you are staying away from your near ones, you feel the urge to call them all the time even more. However, long distance calls are considered to be rather expensive and the high call rates and charges make it a problem for many to make regular calls to their friends and family. However, the advancements in technology have made lives easier in more than one ways. Thanks to the companies offering improved telecommunication services to people living in the various international countries and trying to make calls to India, Sri Lanka and other countries. Calls within a particular country are also facilitated at much lower rates.

Now, when you are paying for the telecommunication solutions offered by a specialized provider, it is necessary that you have a through idea of the benefits that you can expect to get. So, these providers, operating independently and coming up with lucrative call plans, offer you with the following advantages:

Reduced Call Charges

With the effective call plans, you can actually make cheap calls to India and the other countries. The call rates are pretty low with respect to both mobile and landline. Low rates make it possible to speak longer. So, you can talk your heart out without constantly worrying about the charges. Calls with home phones can also be made, for which the phone numbers have to be registered on the website of the service- provider.

Absence of any Monthly Fee or PIN

Apart from lower call rates, you also get to enjoy pin less call facilities. No monthly fees or calling cards are required and you can recharge the account directly through a personal account in the website of the provider. So, there is no stipulated monthly pay structure that you have to abide by no matter how many calls you make. Basically, what you should be paying is determined by the frequency, number and duration of your calls.

Check Balance and Recharge Anytime

In the midst of your busy schedule, you might often forget to keep track of your phone balance. You realize this just as you are about to make a call and your carelessness disappoints you at this point. With the customized telecommunication solutions, this is no longer a problem as; you can check the balance online through the website. Alongside the facility of recharging the accounts online, there is also an auto recharge option, by which the recharge is done automatically just as the balance goes down.

Exciting Applications for Android and Apple Devices

Making connectivity easier and faster across boundaries, the providers have also introduced a set of apps that can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices. Again, the website of the telecommunication company provides you with guidelines on how to use the apps and make calls using them. The best part of the mobile apps is that they seamlessly connect you to all the contacts in your phonebook and let you stay connected better.

The above- mentioned set of benefits must have attracted you enough to consider going for a connection. Apart from the specific benefits, the normal calling features remain the same and you have no reasons to assume that using these services might be a little different from the usual monthly schemes. As such, facilities like call waiting, call display, voicemail, call id block, call forwarding, unlimited local calling and three way calling are also available to guarantee you a happy and pleasant experience.