Mimri is the process of video social network, which are using worldwide for the process of storing the information, taking with friends or relatives and sharing the videos or pictures. As the name itself one can able to know that is mainly useful for the chatting purpose among the people through all around the world. This network changes the whole trend which is present in the form of the important process which is available for the more number of users. As the days goes on it was started to use by all the people through worldwide. Through this network you can able to get the worldwide information fastly, and also you can able to save your precious time for waiting for the next day. Here group of people can able to chat at one time to share their thoughts and ideas. It is mainly used for the business purposes. The process of conference meeting can also be done by the mobile itself by the use of this network. You also can use this network for entertainment purpose in order to chat with your friends and relatives. This is absolutely a free network and no payment can be done here since it is used worldwide. Doing the business through the phone calls is the old trend but now you can able to do your complete business to your client through the immediate messaging purpose. Here rapid information about a material will be shared and can able to make the process as suitable to business.

Video Social Network

Main features for Mimri:

Mimri also provides the feature of sending more high resolution videos to another device even through the long distances. You can send up to 1024 pixels video to other mobile by the use of this network. Cloud storage is possible in this network so that you can able to save the space in your device. Here you can able to send huge amount of data and receive huge amount of data. This is the best feature of the video social network and the data or pictures or audios or videos you can send up to 1 GB. It is also a best messaging app with more concentration on the privacy, speed and security. Here also you can able to create a group for chatting with group conversation. Group chat is usual in all the apps but the speciality in this network is here one can able to add up to 200 members in a single group. It will provide you the feature of the encryption technique for secret data to transfer to your friend without knowing to others. If anyone opens your mobile starts to read it in means if it is very privacy matter means you will get blocked. To avoid that you can use the encryption technique, by this technique no one can able to understand your messages. So it is one of the best added advantages of this network. You can completely enjoy the process of serving that has been used to enhance the features of the most useful process.