Take the time to research the qualifications for a job before calling a recruitment agency. An employer hires a head hunter to find a person who is available and appropriate for their job openings, such as an executive line of work. Usually, a recruiter asks questions that are not listed on a resume so answer the employer questions honestly to join the competition. A common first question you might encounter is “Will you tell me about yourself?” Normally, this question is the opener for an interview. A recruiter sees how articulate and confident a person reacts in an unstructured situation before they send someone to an interview.

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An employer wants to know about the employment held recently to get a sense of performance. During an interview, focus on the strengths. Consider the best answer to a question and speak with confidence. The reason a candidate is on an interview is not to talk about their history on a personal level. Instead, speak about those qualifications that match a job description. Create a story that points out accomplishments; for example, tell an interviewer in a time frame of one minute how you achieved a particular goal.

Often recruiters will want to hear more about how long you were at your last job. An employee is considered to be an excellent worker if they stay in one place for a minimum of three to five years. If the work history documents that a business has downsized, moved, and closed then a person has a history of employment at different jobs for a shorter period. So get ready to network with people who are in charge of hiring to clarify details on those issues. How do you respond when asked “What is your greatest challenge”? A candidate prepares a response that is confident, has reflected on one’s self about their strengths and weaknesses, and accepts constructive criticism from others. Answer the question briefly and speak with confidence to let the recruiter know this task is a weakness, but it does not make a person less qualified. Also, discuss with a recruitment agency what steps are being taken to overcome this challenge.

Talk about a situation when you were a member of a team on a project that has failed. If a person cannot talk about at least one mistake, the head hunter may feel that the candidate does not have enough experience to carry out the responsibilities of the job. A recruiter understands the process of thinking of a decision and the ability to recover from a mistake. Think of a conversation to point out that you learned a lesson from every mistake such as working with other employees and accomplishing a task on a project. Always point out how well you recover from those mistakes and how those moments benefited the firm. With that in mind, it is also important to remember to discuss your strengths too.

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