Growing electricity and gas bills are reason for stress among many people all around the world and everybody want to reduce it to the minimum as possible. Reducing the electricity bills and gas bills will help you in many aspects, and it is not all the time about the money involved in it. If you are ready to be careful in dealing with your home appliances, you are going to save your mother earth. It is said so because it will reduce air pollution and will minimize global warming to a great extent. Also, you can save your money and make use of it for other purposes like paying your building rent, save it for building your new house, giving it to your parents to ensure them a good living etc.

electricity and gas bills

          Before trying to reduce your bills to the minimum, there is another thing which you need to check out. You have to ensure that you are getting the cheapest best possible service available. For that you should compare gas and electricity tariffs from leading websites which provide easy comparison service. If you need, you can shift your supplier and start trying the following steps for its efficient management.

Electricity management

          Make sure that you are using energy saving bulbs for lighting your home. Using cfl bulbs instead of incandescent lamps will help reducing energy consumption. Also led lightings will help you save energy. Switch off the lights when you are not in your house. If you could programme it in your mobile device, you can switch off even the main switch of you home by being at any other place. Arrange the ventilation of your home in such a way that it provides heating effect in winter and also cool air during summer. Also you could make use of available sunlight for generating electricity on your own. It could be done by fitting solar controlled devices. Insulate your home very well. There are different types of insulation methods which are energy saving like closed wall insulation, insulation done under floor etc.

Make use of your washing machine in a wise way. If yours is a micro family, there is no need to wash the clothes daily as it will be fewer in number. You can wait to get the wash tub filled to start washing. If you are using an oven, don’t open it frequently in between cooking. Fridge should be defrosted regularly to help it run more efficiently.

Gas management

          We are now sure about having the best possible supplies. It is by finding out the best websites which help us to compare gas and electricity tariffs. While using gas, proper checking should be done periodically to our gas stove with the help of a good technician. Cooking wares used should be good conductors of heat as it will help to save energy greatly. Pressure cooker is a best substitute for open wares which is very efficient in making the cooking process easy.