As a blogger, you have the endless problem of making sure that you are garnering a constant stream of new readers. This is a difficult problem to overcome at the best of times. If you see this website you will see that they write about wedding venues in London. This is an extreme niche, so the writers on this website have to get creative if they are going to maintain the popularity of their blog.

So how what marketing techniques should you adopt when you write in a unique niche?


All in What You Write

Whenever you are functioning in a market where you have a small audience it’s easy to get carried away with lots of creative marketing schemes. But for the majority of people it’s absolutely useless because you are likely to simply drag people in who aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

Everything you have relies on what you write. You have to concentrate on your content and on nothing else. Content really is king.

Think about the Trends

The problem you have is that in such a unique niche there’s only so much content you can write before you start to run out of things to say. Evergreen content is good, but sooner or later you are going to be repeating the same things over and over again.

Think about the trends and think about how you are going to spin those trends in order to keep people interested. The way to do this is to tap into what your target audience is talking about. Track them on social media and keep your finger on the pulse of things.

Use the Data at Your Disposal

Social media platforms like Facebook have made it remarkably easy to nail down your audience. This goes for small niches, as well. Using interests and demographics together, you can use data to narrow down your audience and send track directly to your blogs.

One thing that bloggers have to remember is that they are aiming for people who are actually interested in what they have to offer, as opposed to just bringing in the biggest number of users possible.

Tie it Into the Wider World

As someone who’s in a unique niche, it’s easy to stick to that niche and to close off the rest of the world. But most subjects can be tied in with more popular and broader subjects. Rather than cutting yourself off and writing exclusively within your niche, market to the wider world.

For example, you may decide to illustrate a point by using a popular topic or celebrity as an example. It’s an easy way to associate your brand with something else. And that tying into the wider world can do a lot for your SEO. It makes it simple to bring in new readers.


It’s simple to bring in new users, even if you happen to be operating in an extreme niche. How are you going to market to your target audience today?