According to recent research, there are nearly as many cell phone subscriptions than there are people living on this earth today. The study found that there were 6.8 billion cell phone subscriptions worldwide. This means that a lot of us are on the hunt for the best mobile phone plan for our budget and our lifestyle.

Finding the right mobile plan takes a bit of homework. A plan which is best for one person may not be the best choice for another. It all starts with deciding what your priorities are and what you need from your plan.

Setting Your Priorities Straight

Before considering which phone carrier you want, you first have to decide what you want the most out of your contract. Do you want:

  • A great deal on the best phone available on the market?
  • An individual or family plan?
  • A bundled plan (this may include Internet, cable, etc.)?
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Then you have to consider what you will be using your phone for. For example, if you rarely use your phone for calling and primarily use it for text and Internet access, you can likely save by choosing a plan with less monthly minutes and spend a bit more on your text and data. If you plan on using your smartphone primarily for Internet access, you will want to find a great deal on a beefy data plan. If you make a lot of phone calls abroad, then a great long distance plan will be a must.

Choosing the Right Carrier

Once you know what you want out of your plan, you can then start your search for the best cell phone carrier. Apart from ensuring that the company offers a plan which suits your needs and budget, you will also want to look at:

  • The areas of coverage: Not all carriers cover every each of the globe, with some even having “black out” areas within our country
  • The reputation of the cell phone company: Some carriers are notoriously fantastic when it comes to their customer service while others may be lacking. Look up reviews of Spintel and other quality carriers online before deciding if they are someone you want to use as your cell phone and data provider
  • The length of the contract: Most phone carriers offer contracts which are two to three years in duration. Many individuals choose the contract route because they pay less for a brand new phone up front. Ideally the cell phone carrier will give you the option of not having to sign a contract. This will give you more “wiggle room” in future negotiations for a better plan, a new phone, and discounts on charges and fees.

Some other quick final considerations which can affect your plan are whether or not the provider offers discounts or freebies for making calls to others within their network, what are considered to be off-peak hours when placing calls, and if there are any insurance options should your phone become lost or stolen.