Career in Web Design

Does a career in web design appeal to you? If so, there are many things to consider; the actual avenue you’d like to go down, and whether you’d like to be a part of a team or work for yourself being two of the more important ones. But just how do you get started? Read on to find out:

Qualities Needed To Get Started

A web designer should have a few specific qualities to help their career go further. These are:

  • A practical approach to work.
  • Analytical skills and great problem solving skills.
  • The ability to network and build relationships.
  • The ability to accept change.

Design, Or Development?

Now you know the qualities needed, there are two main areas when it comes to web design; design and development. If you know for definite that you’d like a career in web design, you can skip this paragraph. However, you might want to consider the benefits, pros, and cons of both areas before settling on the one you’d like to focus on. You might even want to learn both! Working online requires you to design sites for a different environment when in comparison to a magazine. A lot of the skills are the same; but you need to know a lot more about what you’re designing and why. What makes a good user interface? What are the essential elements of a web page?

A web designer will concentrate purely on the visual aspect of the site, while a developer will work on coding and programming the site. Having both skills could be very beneficial to you! You might want to do a graphic design course, or an actual web design course to get you started. A multimedia course could be beneficial too, although many of your skills will probably be learnt on the job. However, there are plenty of tutorials out there online for you to watch; and a lot of them are free!

Should You Go Freelance?

Many web designers and developers work on a freelance basis. If you decide to do so, you’ll be able to choose the type of projects you work on and be able to really test out your creativity. You’ll also have more of an opportunity to keep your skills fresh and up to date by practicing and teaching yourself new things, whereas a full time job within a company probably won’t allow much time to do so. A job within a company does offer more security and a guaranteed wage though, so it’s your choice!

Continue Learning

If you want to get started in the big wide world of web design, it’s important you continue learning all the time. You should be learning every day, making sure that you practice and apply new concepts at least a couple of times a week. Learning a little bit every day is better than learning a lot in one day, trust us!

The industry of web design is constantly changing – touch screen technology seems to be expanding and getting more popular at the moment! Providing you are able to keep up to date with fresh techniques, solve problems, build relationships, and accept change; you should make a great web designer!