The whole world is on Twitter, where millions of active users login to tweet, or to read the tweets of people they follow. You will surely have your Twitter account, from where you follow the people or celebrities you like. If you are in business or any kind of promotions, then you will need to have many followers on Twitter. That is the best way to make your information reach thousands of people instantly. Lets us now see how you can grow your Twitter followers’ list.

Stay in character limits

Twitter allows only 140 characters to write. No doubt, it is a hard limit, but you should never use the applications with which you can increase the character count. People like reading short tweets. The lazy jacks will not put much effort to read the whole tweet. You should follow the below mentioned style of writing.

  • Learn writing within the limits. Remember it is not a novel writing competition.
  • Do not write more than 120 characters.
  • If you want to add some links too, the character length must not exceed 100.
  • Leave plenty of space for people to retweet.
  • Do not be a metweeter.
  • Be polite wherever and whenever possible.
  • Use limited hash tags (not more than 2 per tweet).

The reason behind writing 100 to 120 characters is because of the fact that the old fashion way of retweets adds 17 more characters to your tweet. Busy people out there would not be interested in cutting down your tweet to retweet and can easily give up.

Engage people with catchy headlines

You can follow the traditional method of sparking interest with catchy headlines. This is quite beneficial for you if you want clicks on your provided links. You can also use the following methods to attract readers.

  • Ask questions (It evokes replies).
  • Use catchy words like boom! Attention! Danger!
  • Do not always promote yourself.
  • Target your audience not yourself. Value your followers.
  • Take follower’s advices positively.

Do not forget, it is a social media. You are working here to attract people and not bore them. Be an active tweeter but avoid more than five tweets a day.

Reach out and entertain others

Do not just tweet, be a good follower. You should make courtesy, noises and retweets. You can start the conversation if you want to be noticed. Keep in mind the things mentioned below.

  • Be a little crazy.
  • Be interesting and write interesting.
  • People will judge you by what you write. Do not be a Borderline Personality
  • Try avoiding spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Share valuable tweets.

You should try being close to your twitter account. You can login on your phone, desktop or other wifi device. The thrust for best tweeting can hit you any time. Be prepared.


The basic thing to become a popular tweeter is limited self-promotion, target audience and giving vital information. Be a responsible person and avoid tweeting when you are drunk. Do not tweet everything. Your toilet and bedroom need not be popularized. Make sure you do not make grammatical mistakes. Follow all these tips and be the best tweeter.