There is a rumour round the corner that Google is slowly killing organic search results, owing to which many are predicting that it is putting the last nails in the SEO coffin. There have been recent indications that Google is favouring paid results compared to organic results. However, this certainly does not mean that SEO is coming to an end; it is very much alive and still in demand. It is just that the face of SEO is slowly undergoing a huge transition, leading to remarkable evolution of internet marketing on the whole.

Recent calculations by top notch business owners of the industry point out that Google is allowing merely 13 percent of a pc screen for organic search results; while the rest are being taken up by paid results. It is true when you consider the changing face of SERPs, but before coming to any conclusion you need to understand the reason behind such a display. This is closely linked to the changing behaviour of users as well, who now use a varied range of devices to get their queries resolved. To adapt to this, Google has updated its strategy to suit the demands of the users.

For instance, if a person searches for Indian restaurants in London on an iPhone, then possibly the first few pages will display maps and ads related to the query. It is only after crossing a decent amount of pages, say 3 or 4, can he/she reach organic search results. This design has been done keeping the user requirement in mind that they might be initially looking for ratings and reviews, and directions to reach the place and so on, before making a visit to the restaurant. Thus, organic search results are not completely ruled out, but made changes to. So, as a marketer you simply need to adapt to the changes of the marketing conditions and evolve yourself.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that search results page changes its display with location, time of the day and previous queries. So, the results Google display to one person solely depends on the intent of the user’s query. Based on the type of query filled in the search engine, Google just like any other search engine that wishes to make money displays paid ads and organic results in a balanced manner. So, to be in the game, you need to adapt to the changing trends. So as SEO companies, what can you do in relation to this? You can upgrade our strategies and offer affordable SEO packages to the clients. The strategies you can implement are:

  • Changing the Way You Perceive SEO – This means primarily writing for your readers to curb down the bounce rate. So, SEO takes a secondary step. After all, having huge one-time visitor rate to your website is not that beneficial down the line. It would not generate continuous business for you, if you only target fresh traffic. So, word of mouth and great customer retention policies are mandatory.
  • Publish Relevant, Quality and Unique Content Only – There cannot be any shortcuts to success, so it is better not to be lured by Click here signs of every blog. Read the material, check for its quality and then only proceed further with it for publishing. Avoid spammy and duplicate content which might be detrimental for your website’s reputation.

If both these factors are taken care of, then you can sail forth amidst the vast sea of challenges Google offers time and again; ensuring that you have secured a decent return on investment of your business.