Most of us are lucky enough to have little to do with the law in our everyday life, but there are times when it’s necessary to seek legal advice. This is not a service that comes cheap but fortunately, there are now a number of online law firms that offer legal services for free, most with quick access and able to give you answers to queries within hours. So where should you look if you’re in need of advice?

Sample sites

Sites like USA Legal Opinion can assist you with most legal queries in a few steps. Using various categories to determine the state in which you live and the area of law you’re enquiring about, you can then explain your case in more detail via an online form. Companies such as Law Guru and Legal Zoom offer similar online legal services to U.S citizens, and usually aim to get back to you within 24 hours for all legal enquiries.

Peer reviewed has thousands of case studies available on their site to enable you to compare your specific case with others and also posts questions and answers on their home page from users who have previously tried the service. They also host video blogs documenting certain aspects of law, for instance, the different types of visa that are available in order to enable economic migrants to work in the States. In addition, there are many online communities which review and discuss firms, which may help you decide where to turn.

Areas of expertise

Searching online also allows you to pinpoint the specific area of expertise before you ask a law firm or individual their advice, such as family attorneys, injury lawyers, plus where to go for debt relief or small business help. If you cannot find the legal advice you are seeking within the site – you can always look for ‘Ask An Attorney’ options, though these are usually offered for a small fee.

Download documents

If your query is more straightforward, you can access free downloads for legal forms online, which enables you to complete many tasks yourself. From pre-nuptial agreements to making your own will, you can easily get started via online resources without having to pay lawyer’s fees.

Of course, it’s likely that you may need to hire the services of a lawyer at some stage but as an initial investigation, free online services are invaluable. So, regardless of your particular legal case, it’s good to know you can obtain assistance for free, if only to point you in the right direction on what steps to take next.