The term “access control” can apply to any system that allows or denies the entrance into or exit from a specific area. In years past, a key and padlock could have been described as an “access control” system. Over time security measures became more sophisticated, and the technology of the twenty-first century has refined the security industry. The old-fashioned key is now an electronic card that permits access into secured areas.

Access Entry Points

According to Security Control Systems of Minnesota, the most common use of the card access system is to allow authorized people entry through a door. The most common use is for entry through an external door, but they are also used to limit access to secure areas inside a building. Interior access control cards may be see in use in hospitals, law enforcement facilities, laboratories, drug companies, and similar types of organizations that have information or substances that require a secure location. External entry points can also be gates when access is limited to an entire area around a building. In extra secure facilities, you could have gate “access control” to the area and parking lot, building entrances, and individual rooms or offices. Employees may have limited or full access depending on their security status. The system provides easy accessibility to authorized persons and restricts unauthorized.

Card Access Systems

Benefits of Control Access Card System

According to DPS Telecom there are several benefits to a card access system.

  • It is difficult to duplicate and electronic key.
  • Locks never need changing. All control is through the database.
  • One key grants access to each door an employee needs to access, whether it is one or ten.
  • Electronic access systems log every entry into a facility. This is an excellent tool if theft or vandalism occurs.
  • It can be customized for each employee and will only allow the access you permit.
  • Capital asset loss prevention is a very important benefit.
  • Limiting access to certain areas reduce the risk of injuries to employees and visitors.
  • Access applications can control a single door or an entire industrial complex.

These are only a few of the most popular features of a card access system. If you are still changing locks and issuing new keys every time an employee leaves their job, you need to consider switching to a card access system.