There are several occasions, when one needs to move their disk content or data to another hard drive. This process of moving a disk’s content to another disk is known as disk cloning. Disk cloning may be needed at various times, such as while formatting a hard drive, formatting a pen drive, upgrading to a newer and bigger hard drive, or migrating your OS to a new drive. To perform disk cloning, one needs to have an appropriate software, which can help them move the disk’s content without any problems.

EaseUS Disk Copy

Various companies have developed their own software, which assist the user in the disk cloning process. One of the more popular clone hard drive software is the EaseUS Disk Copy. The EaseUS Disk Copy software uses an interactive interface so that the user can easily use all the functions available. It can help the user perform all sorts of functions and offers a great amount of flexibility and usability to the user.

The software is bundled with vast amount of features. All of these features are easily accessible by the user, and are available at the front-end of the software. Some of the various features of the software are mentioned below:

clone hard drive
  • Disk Cloning Capabilities

As the name of the software suggests, the software allows for a powerful and complete disk cloning experience. It can perform two types of hard disk cloning, which are file-level and sector-level.

  • Disk Imaging

The software can perform block level disk imaging at a fast pace allowing for a efficient and quick back up of the entire volumes or disk.

  • Backup Files Easily

The software can help the individual to easily backup all the necessary files. It allows the user to specifically choose the files, folders or file types, which the user wishes to backup. Furthermore, the software can also backup network shared files, without any problem.

  • System Backup

The hard drive cloning software is able to provide options for a full system backup. This feature allows the software to fully backup the whole operating system, and restore it easily in case of a disaster or corruption of data.

  • Differential backup and Incremental backup

This feature allows the software to only backup what was not there in the last backup. This means that the software will not backup all of the files again, and will only backup the new files available allowing for faster back up speed while saving storage space and time.

  • Backup Scheduler

The software provides a backup scheduler, which helps the user to set a specific time to backup their essential files. It can be easily customized by the user per their need, and can be based to run daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

The software provides answer to all the “how to clone a hard drive” questions by offering the best features to the users. By availing this software, an individual is ensured to have the best experience. Moreover, the software is available to the people at no cost, which makes it worth a try for everyone.