According to Online Reputation Management Los Angeles, many customers will call them or email them requesting a free consultation. They do offer a free consultation service however Online Reputation Management Los Angeles is not given gout free candy. To avoid frustration on both ends, the innovative and ambitious management team asks potential clients and people with potentially poor online reputations to do an audit themselves before calling or emailing.

There are 4 categories that individuals or businesses can be in. Ideally, clients would want to be in the last one but it is not always an ideal strategy depending on the client. For this reason, Online Reputation Management Los Angeles wants to list which clients can be in so they understand what may not sound good, is likely good.

  1. Negative results: this is the absolute last category anyone wants to fall into. This means that you or your company has one or multiple bad results on search engine results. This could qualify as bad reviews or commentary or inappropriate engagements. Sometimes even, this could include court proceedings, large fines, and run ins with the law. More frequently however, competitors (companies or individuals) will purposely trash their competitors online to make themselves look better.
  2. Irrelevant results: these are results that are connected or are about you or your company but they are indifferent/mutual. They do not hurt you nor do they help you. Ideally, one would want positive content that will leave a good impact. Results that say nothing don’t leave an impression. No impression might mean lost opportunities for the individual or business.
  3. Mistaken results: these results are results that will appear under the same key words being researched but are not associated to you. In other words, this person who has the same name or has a similar business name result’s are forming other people’s first impression for you. This could be very good or very bad but overall, it is not representative of you.
  4. Relevant and Positive: this is the result category Online Reputation Management Los Angeles strives and intends to get their clients to. This category means that individuals or businesses are well maintaining their online reputation to further corporate or personal opportunities.

If consumers are still concerned about the category they fall into after conducting a personal audit, Online Reputation Management Los Angeles would be happy to give them a free consultation. It is their mission to protect and maintain all their client’s online reputations for the long run!