There is no doubt that video sharing sites, especially YouTube, are helping various industries these days. Google’s video sharing site is not just used for watching entertainment videos, but it has turned out to be the most important tool for marketing and advertising.

Use it as tool to reach employees working remotely

There are several companies that are already using YouTube to reach and train their employees working remotely. The video sharing site is already allowing channel owners to share their content with specific users by simply sharing the video’s private link.

Sharing lengthy videos on messaging apps or email proves to be time-consuming affair, but YouTube offers the perfect solution. Companies record conferences, presentations, other events and simply upload them on YouTube so that its employees who were not present at the event can watch those videos from anywhere in the world. This is the reason; organizations often use YouTube to even train their remotely located employees.

Product description videos are proving to be very useful for machinery manufacturers

Until the 90s, industrialists had no other option but to visit industrial machinery manufacturer’s workshop or site to get demonstration for various machines. Even equipment makes used to find it very difficult to send their machines and engineer at the client’s factory to give demonstrations about how their machines actually work. But, YouTube changed everything for manufacturing industry. Today, equipment makers create videos about how their units work and simply ask prospect customers to watch those videos.

Even engineers responsible for purchasing in organization can simply watch videos showing the internal mechanism of industrial machinery that they wish to purchase.

Equipment manufacturers also insert links to their websites and links for product purchasing page on shopping portals like Amazon so that people can directly place their orders online.

Beyond increasing sales, the channel also helps product makers to get feedback directly from users in the form of comments. (Note: you need to keep ‘allow comments on videos’ option on). Device makers can use these comments as feedback and forward the same to the product development team. This will also help in saving certain percentage of money spent on research and development.

Simply uploading brand’s advertisements can also prove to be helpful from SEO point

Any search engine optimization expert would point out that it is very important for small and large companies to create their YouTube channel. Search engines use video sharing sites as one of their sources of information when it comes to finding information about any given product or service.

Today, along with Google search, people also use YouTube for searching product related information. This makes your presence even more necessary.

You might end up spending thousands of dollars on TV video ads. But, you can upload the same ad videos on Google’s video sharing site for free. If you manage to create a good subscriber base for your video content, you can also expect to make revenue out of the same. This is the reason, some brands create their own documentary films and release them on video sharing site to attract more subscribers and indirectly promote their products through documentaries. Greater number of subscribers would attract more of YouTube users towards your brand’s channel. Initially, you can opt to buy youtube subscribers until you manage to start creating original content to organically attract more viewers.

Place your ads on other popular videos

Various studies have suggested that these days, people prefer to watch TV shows and even music videos on YouTube. When it comes to watching old TV shows, the video sharing site has almost zero competition. You can take advantage of this fact by placing your product’s video or graphical advertisements on such popular videos in order to reach your target audiences with the help of tools offered by Google’s video sharing website to advertisers.

Use same content on video sharing sites and social networking sites

There are several creative agencies that offer to create tailor made content for any given product or service at affordable rate. You can use the same video content for social networking sites like Facebook, on your company’s blog as well as brand’s website. Keep the message as short as possible to make sure that people do not feel bored while watching something.