More and more business organizations are turning to eco friendly printing. The main reason for this is the savings in printing costs . The best part about eco friendly printing is that regardless of the size of the business, this can be done by companies of all sizes.

In this write up, we will find out the various green technologies that has helped turn organizations into eco friendly printing and helped them to “go green”. So, read on for more information.

  • Recycle

The concept of recycling is not unheard of. More and more companies are recycling and they are able to reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs in the long run.

  • Using Soy-based inks

Soy inks are very much in vogue and it is regarded as one of the best innovations the printing industry have. They are also known as soy-based inks. Before the invention of soy-based inks, most inks were petroleum-based. When petroleum based inks were used for printing, the process used to give out volatile organic compounds or VOCs in the air, especially when the drying process was underway. As compared to the petroleum-based printing inks, soy-based inks release much lesser VOCs, in comparison. As such, it is also beneficial to the environment.

  • Internet/Email/Virtual world

With the advent of emails and different software that will allow you to transfer files and documents over the Internet, the use of paper has reduced drastically. Unlike before, when you had to print out a document, these days, you will find that most people accept soft copies and there is a conscious action to save ink and paper.

The above technologies have made way for eco friendly printing and reducing carbon footprints immensely.

Another quantum leap in printing technology, 3D printing technology came. As 3D printing gains prominence and is brought to the forefront,  3D printers from Konica Minolta are one of the products that spearheads this technology. As far as the development is concerned, Konica Minolta does not require any introduction. They are already a well known brand and this innovation is sure to help the 3D technology as they will come to the front line. With this technological development, it is expected that 3D printers will enter the mainstream market too.