A town or city council is a unique job and one where you need a broad skill-set. You have to deal with a very full plate of responsibilities. Those responsibilities include meetings, events, town halls, constituent concerns, elections, and other governments. To keep your constituents informed and to stay in contact with other branches of government, you need a robust online presence. You need a website, emails for your councilmembers, and the means to keep everyone informed of what’s happening in your town.

You shouldn’t get just any website, though. As was said earlier, a town council is a very unique type of entity; just any website won’t do. You need one that’s specially designed for town and parish councils. They’re going to have features that are going to make your job that much easier.

Special Features

The special features of a website designed for town councils make the job much easier. These features, offered by expert web designers, have been developed over years and years of working with town and parish councils.

Keeping a website looking contemporary and modern is very important to ensuring that your website is attractive to visitors. Slide transitions help create a smooth look that seamlessly moves the visitor from one page to the next. The very best companies are constantly updating their techniques and their practices to stay current. However, the look of the website is not the most important feature. The functionality of the site is most important.

council website design

You need a responsive council website design that keeps your constituents informed and allows them to stay in contact with their town council. PDFs of committee agendas and minutes are a great way for them to stay connected. Also, a news page will allow you to inform people of relevant information. There are many more features that go into creating a great council website. If you work with skilled professionals, they’ll walk you through different features you might need.

Support Features

Keeping the website online and operational at all times is absolutely essential. You also need to ensure that people can easily find your website. Search engine optimisation techniques built into the website help it show up as high as possible when people search for your parish or town.

The designers should provide you with expert guidance in using the content management system. Updating your website with content yourself is important, because you know what your constituents want to know better than anyone else; however, you have to know how to update the site.

You’ll also need to be able to customise the website yourself. If you want to update the background colour of the site for a certain event or moment, you should be able to do so. The very best design companies offer training in person or by video that should help walk you through what you need to know about updating your site.

Staying in touch with your constituents and potential visitors with a website is a great way to reach out. However, you need to make sure you’re getting a website designed specifically for town and parish councils.