In the custom logo designing industry, stylizing logo fonts and is known as ‘adding the attributes’. There are several techniques to add attributes through custom logo designing. It depends on what response you expect from the audience after designing your logo.

Why Stylize A Font?

Stylizing a font helps you to add life to a logo. It also empowers the logo with a certain attribute or personality element. In this way, you are able to deliver the message more effectively and sophistically. However; one thing you really need to take care of is the overuse of attributes. Remember that your ultimate approach while designing a logo should be destined to keep it simple. A cluttered custom logo is always a waste of time and money as well.

How to Add Style to Your Logo Fonts

Thanks to the graphics and computer industry which helps the professional custom logo designers to add more and more style to their logo fonts. You can use these techniques to add style to your logo fonts and other elements.

  1. Keep It Plain and Simple

Plain fonts are used when you want to emphasize the design element more. Plain fonts are more successful in the logos with light backgrounds, because this way you can guarantee the visibility of the text message in every smallest branding identity such as visiting card, letter head, and stamp.

  1. Make It Bold

Bold fonts are used when you want the text in the logo to attract the attention of audience first. Bold fonts empower the text and add an element of dominance into it. But remember to be appropriate with the other elements of your custom logo design because too much boldness will spoil the proportion of your entire logo.

  1. Add Italic Styles

Italic fonts are rarely used. However; their use is extremely confined to specific situations only. For example; if you want to introduce a new tagline, add a famous quote or give credits, then you can use Italic fonts. Avoid using too much italic as it is not vision-supportive for reading.

  1. Capital Letters

For using capital letters, the ideal way is to keep the first letter of every word capital and other small. However in some situations the whole word or statement can be written in capital letters, but it is only limited to smaller captions. All CAPS always distracts the reader’s attention. However; you can use it for very short words.

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