It is not that hard to imagine that you have met “specialists’ from hell claiming to have knowledge in repairing tablets and computers, you probably took your favorite damaged appliance to them and waited for days on end only to receive it in a much sorrier state than you last had it. Some cannibalize your tablets and laptops and give you back a shell of your precious accessory. At Gadget Doctor, we pride ourselves in providing the best service there is in the repair of off all iPad and other Apple products.

Our range of services will never disappoint since we have a large professional workforce that is specific to the needs of each customer worry.


IPad Repair

The iPad is the most iconic tablet from Apple and you do not want your pride and joy to die a slow death of a quick one at the hands of unscrupulous “technicians”. Come to us for a variety of options for your iPad repair. IPad products are designed to be mini-computers. This affords you a lot of features to browse through, entertain and just to have fun. Owing to this, you end up charging you tablet now and again which reduces the life of the battery. Do not let short battery life ruin your experience. We have genuine Li-ion polymer batteries specific for Apple products. Out there, fake OEM batteries are easily found that may shut down your tablet, indicate incorrect battery status and even need you to charge your apple product very often. Other than the battery, your iPad may have problems powering up. You will need us to come to the rescue. Come to us for your iPad repair.

Cloudy LCDs and Cracked Screen

Picture this, you are walking down the street, and your girlfriend sends you a picture of her wearing an outfit you need to comment on. As you want to tell her of your opinion, your iPad gets knocked to the ground. You pick it up and it is all fuzzy and cracked. What do you need right there? A heavenly intervention is in order. Gadget Doctor is the slice of heaven you truly need for your iPad repair. We provide LCD and digitizer replacement for the whole range of iPads.

Unresponsive Power and Home Button

These two buttons are the most prone to wear and tear as we always have our fingers glued to them. Especially on iPads, the buttons over time sink into the devices or do not respond to touch. We will conduct repairs by replacing the internal flexes, and since we have bespoke spares, you bet we will give your iPad a new lease of life.

Audio Jack Repairs

Your iPad is a large media platform which you carry around with you. The only connection to such media is through the audio jack. In many cases, the audio jack may break due to the stress it goes through whenever you are out there listening to your media content. When that happens to you, we got your back. We will perform specific iPad repair on your audio jack while you wait for a short time.

Loud Speaker Repairs

The most nightmarish thing to ever happen to an iPad owner is when your tablet goes silent. Trust us; you never want to live through that. A bad speaker may exhibit a number of things from producing distorted sounds to crackling sounds. We have just the right personnel to deal with such a problem. We also have high-quality spares in the case your iPad needs a replacement speaker.

Other areas that need repair

Many people have this nightmare where their iPad just refuses to power up. It may affect your iPad. Your iPad was not built to last forever. It is prone to wear and tear. And as humans, mistakes define us even when it comes to taking care of our iPads, sometimes we fall short. That is where Gadget Doctor comes in. The company can restore any damaged iPad back to its prime condition.

Other problems you may come across while using your iPad are:

  • Minor Water Damage
  • Dented chassis
  • Wi-Fi issues
  • Software updates
  • Software crashing
  • Hard disk crash

We go by the byline “Your Technology Maintenance Expert”. Rather than look for any “expert”, who will ruin your iPad experience in Singapore, visit us for all your iPad repair needs.