This century is often facing many festivals of technology which portrays the next big step of the development of the human kind. But this big step is achieved and published daily and hence the big step becomes or appears as a small step to us. The biggest celebrity ever in this daily technical festival is the Smartphone you find on the online shopping websites smiling at you standing in an angle so that you will love them for no reason. But I think that there is more reason for you to love them. The Smartphone are one of the major achievements of our human kind and thanks to the industrial revolution. The success of the technological revolution of the western world lies in the insight which helped them to see this world as a perfect machine. This insight slowly changed their creativity towards building an artificial world and the whole science world is going to do it one day.

Many without this Smartphone may feel as if they lose their important companion and in such cases it may be even prolong as an addiction. The Smartphone earned this place as an undeniable gadget in this world and it pays the price for this place I think. Let me explain a few things which could help you to understand their place in the brains of our youngsters.


 As everyone knows phones are for communication and this is the era of communication. So we can say that it is also the era of phones especially the Smartphone considering their population in this world. Some may ask that why do I place the Smartphone in the top of the communication gadget list as even a normal phone does the same. For those I would like to explain that the communication today not only means the phone calls and messaging but it also means many other important media such as social media sites, video calling, global positioning system, and maps. There will be no surprise even if we have a universal positioning system in years.

Eyes love them

Yes the eyes of every single individual will love to take a look at the retina display of the new apple iphone. Many other Smartphone working with the android platforms are also providing the picture quality in terms of high definition. In the initial phases of Smartphone marketing there was a small problem relating to their repair. One should pay the half the amount of his phone price for an lcd screen replacement. But now-a-days it is not a big deal because there are many online merchants from whom you can receive the parts immediately and also they provide you them at a very nominal cost. It also saves a lot of time and money for you. There are also many online video tutorials teaching you to replace or repair the parts of your phone without going for a retail shop so that you can learn a lot about your little friend.