We provide a comprehensive SMS Marketing platform to manage SMS campaigns online. Send SMS to unlimited recipients with great features such as mail merge, dynamic short urls and attachments. Brand messages to show from your business or use our free reply numbers to receive text replies direct to your admin panel. Track delivery and monitor your campaigns to maximize results. Creating marketing campaigns with a 5 digit shortcode number is a breeze too. Receive immediate notification by email and relax in the knowledge that all numbers are being stored to your online phonebook. Don’t just settle for SMS. We also offer virtual mobile and landline numbers and can route calls via VOIP. As an industry first, not only can people respond by SMS, but can also call you directly. Our interactive IVR platform can answer the call and play recorded messages and direct the call to the correct department within your company.

In the UK and most of the world, bulk SMS is free for a mobile phone user to receive, and hence the sender pays the total cost of messages. The situation is different in North America; please see the “USA/Canada” section of the site for more details. We can send bulk SMS to a large number of destinations throughout the world, connecting to almost all GSM networks, & many non-GSM networks. Delivery reports and message concatenation are both supported, as well as other forms of SMS such as WAP Push and various “Smart Messages”. The service is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Once submitted to the SMS Gateway, all messages will be sent out in seconds.

In order to send and receive SMS messages online an SMS gateway is required, to connect to the many different mobile networks. This allows the sending of broadcast messages and also the receipt of replies through either an SMS short code or long number (MSISDN).Sign-Up.to provide a complete gateway solution using our in-house built, high performance SMS platform. You can use this either through our easy to use, secure web interface, or by using our SMS API to integrate with your own applications. Our SMPP based platform handles high speed message receipt and delivery, as well as queuing and throttling when mobile networks are busy. Delivery receipts come as standard too.

Top 5 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing:

  1. Effective Business Tool: SMS marketing is a more personal and immediate way of getting in touch with customers. You’ll see staggeringly high open rates and increased conversions.
  2. Worldwide Coverage:Mobivate can deliver messages to more than 800 network operators in 200 countries. You can access the Mobivate Bulk System through an API or through a web login interface.
  3. Fast, Stable Service: Send up to 100 SMS messages per second with average message deliveries in less than 15 seconds.
  4. Reliable: Unlike email, SMS marketing lets you connect to your customer base instantly and directly without any barriers – say goodbye to spam filters!
  5. Market Potential: With billions of mobile phones being used 24/7, SMS Marketingallows you to tap into a virtually limitless market of ready-to-read prospects.