In an era where the number of smart phones user is ecstatic and astonishing there came an application which was badly needed by the masses which stood up to the expectation of the people. It caught and understood the various problems and agonies of the people and the makers were wise enough to devise up software which worked as a relief to the people. Going by the reports of Digitimes the number of android and IOS users by 2015 would reach the mark of 14 billion. Thus demands were bound to occur.  This time the demand which was immensely demanded was of a security app which would protect the personal data and content of the mobile users. Therefore highlighting the issues faced by many, the company Leomaster came up with the software Leo Privacy Guard.

So far since its launch Leo privacy guard`s review has been tremendous and overwhelming. The software is rated 5 stars by the online and internet community and is very well received by the people. Previously also many makers made security based apps which promised security but none of them were convincing and nearly all of them fell flat. None of them proved to be convincing apart from Leo privacy guard. The software has some impressive features which are worthwhile to be applauded.

Reasons why it is top rated by the users

  1. Firstly it has security coverage and network which prevents unauthorized entry of Trojans, Malwares and other illicit hackers who intentionally want to access the personal and private content of the users. Details of bank, passwords of social networking sites and personal images and videos are wrongly used by the hackers. Thus Leo privacy guard has managed to put an end to all this crap.
  2. Secondly its feature of providing app lock has gone very well with the customers. In today`s scenario everybody wants to keep his or her data secure and to him. No one wants to popularize his personal pictures data or video without any rhyme or reason. Along with this, modes such as guest mode and home mode are sort of shortcuts to lock up or hide the apps which are personal for the users.
  3. The other or the best part of this software is the app cover it provides to disguise the outside people. It has for app covers. They are:

Beauty cover- In this an app gets unlocked by zipping off on the screen to see the beautiful lady. This zip off unlocks the application too.

Unknown caller- in this whenever an outside person tries to unlock the app a pop of unknown person calling erupts up and the user gets disguised.

Fingerprint- In the fingerprint scanner one has to tap the finger three times and not once to unlock the app. Majority of the people do it once or twice and the app never gets unlock.

Error- when a new user tries to open the app error gets displayed and the user gets disguised and doesn’t able to unlock the app.