What is Magento Development?

Magento Development is one of the ecommerce platforms which was launched on 31st March, 2008. It is an open source platform for e commerce websites. Varien, which is now known as Magento Inc. was the one who created and developed Magento. Varien used the help of various open source programmers to create Magento but the owner of this e commerce platform is Magento Inc. Magento e commerce website development is based on the Zend Framework. The database model used by Magento is EAV or entity attribute value model. The freely available version of Magento is the Magento Community edition. The founder of Magento is Roy Rubin. Roy is also one of the co founders of this organization.

History of Magento Development:

Varien or Magento Inc. which is the owner of Magento used to work with osCommerce. Their original plan was to upgrade the idea of Magento as part of osCommerce but when they realized how brilliant their plan is; they rewrote the whole idea and created Magento. It wasn’t until early 2007 when Magento development was started by Varien. After seven months of hard work on 31st March, 2007, the first beta version of Magento was launched for the public. Magento mobile which is an e commerce platform for mobile phones was launched about three years later on 30th May, 2010. Magento Mobile is a very effective platform which allows business owners to create effective native storefront type apps for their business.

News on Magento:

eBay made an announcement in 2011 February that they have made a serious investment in Magento development. They claimed that they have 49% ownership of shares in Magento. Then on 6th June, 2011 eBay bought Magento for sure and announced that now they own 100% shares of Magento. eBay also made an announcement that Magento was going to be their new joining in their X Commerce initiative. Even after the eBay undertaking, Roy Rubin announced that he will remain in the Los Angeles office of Magento as one of the main leaders.

Magento for your Business:

Magento is chosen by many e commerce business owners to design their e commerce website and e commerce phone apps. If you are looking for a platform that would help you to create the best e commerce environment for your users and customers, then Magento will definitely help you out. It was created with the sole aim of providing the best possible e commerce development services to business owners. All businesses need a boost online to make their mark on the World Wide Web. Magento development will make your online business grow. Magento e commerce development will help you to create an e commerce website which fulfills all your online business need and requirements. It takes into account all factors, from effective designing of shopping cart, to providing requires security for payment procedures, to addition of appropriate graphic features, to placement of PPC ads, to providing a user friendly shopping environment, everything is incorporated in the right manner by Magento. It is one of the most reliable e commerce platforms you will ever find.