Is your experience confined to ancient HTML and somewhat CSS coding? Yet, do you wish to step back into front-end coding for designing sites? If yes, then you may find it overwhelming to research and learn all the latest stuff associated with front-end coding. In order to make this effort smooth and easier, here are some hints for all the novices who wish to explore CSS right from the beginning.

CSS3 Anthology

Start Gaining Knowledge with Some Comprehensive Sources

One of the easiest sources for the beginners is CSS3 Anthology of SitePoint, which ensures smooth learning with analysis and comprehension. In case you need to start both CSS and HTML, Shay Howe’s book on practical guide to HTML & CSS is just the right choice. This book is even great for learning the latest version of HTML, 5, which is also the latest craze in the industry. This is applicable even for those who are aware of HTML 4 and need to explore HTML5. As a tip, while analyzing the code snippets to test their results, type them in the editor for a better familiarity. In case of any error, debug for yourself so that you come to know about the possible errors that one can make.

Learn with Fun-based Analysis

It is essential to learn the different concepts such as templates, cascades, and code elements. However, just do not confine yourself to know their meaning, use, and possible results. In fact, a smart learner is the one who explore the ‘why’ side of each aspect instead of only’ ‘how’. Furthermore, it is also essential to compare and contrast similar and dissimilar aspects as well, such as block vs. inline. For adding some fun, try to develop code on your own, even for the simplest result and tweak it to know the varying results.

A few of the concepts that you may like to explore are cascades, specificity, CSS reset, HTML5 templates, and cross-browser issues along with a framework to alleviate problems. It is also recommended learning about the OOCSS techniques to replace IDs for styling with classes, preprocessors, Javascript, playing with elements and their attributes, and debugging techniques through the modern tools.

Get to Know about the Responsive Web Design

Just search about this term in Google and you will know how important it is to learn about it. After all, you will learn to build a site viewable equally on different screen sizes.