Anybody who is anybody is on Instagram nowadays. It’s fun to scroll through everyone’s pictures and see what people are up to. But there is a line. Why people feel the need to document their entire life story through pictures is beyond me. I mean, I don’t really need to see your selfie every five seconds. I don’t really understand your hashtagged “Transformation Tuesday” when the “before” picture was taken two days ago. Here are 7 specific things you really don’t need to put on instagram.

1. Yourself

The term “selfie” was dubbed solely because of instagram. We all do it. The selfie happens quite often, especially among a group of girls. But the thing is, you don’t need to put your selfie on your feed every single day. Especially when it’s in the same spot and you’re doing the same pose. Just stop.

2. Your meal

This is only acceptable when you are eating dinner with the President. And in that case, you should be instagramming a picture of him and not your food. I don’t really care that your boyfriend made you breakfast in bed. I don’t really care that you went to Chili’s after work and now you’re eating the burger bites. No matter what filter you put on it, it doesn’t look any cooler. Food is food. Just eat it.

3. Any of your workout accomplishments

I don’t really care that you are on a treadmill running. I don’t really care that you made it to 4 miles in a total of 15 minutes, or something crazy. You really need to stop bragging about it. It’s making the rest of us feel bad. You’re healthy. I’m not. Thanks for rubbing it in.

4. The sky

For the love of all that is holy, please stop taking pictures of the sky and instagramming it. It’s the most annoying thing when I scroll through my feed and the entire thing is clogged with pictures of the sky. We all see it. We all know what it looks like. And now I know what it looks like in 80 different filters. So thanks for that.

5. Your drink

You’re over 21. We get it. The fact that you went out and got a beer with friends is something that everyone does from time to time. Does it really need to be instagrammed? I don’t think so. Also, you are going to start looking like an alcoholic if you keep posting pictures of your favorite alcoholic beverage with the walden filter.

6. Pictures that are already on the internet

I don’t understand this. Why take a picture of a celebrity or a famous work of art and put it on your instagram? It’s already out there in the internet universe. You don’t need to duplicate it. Take your own pictures. Stop stealing everyone else’s work, copycat.

7. No filtered pictures

Because what is the point of instagram if you don’t even put a filter on it? Save those “no filtered photos” for your picture file on your computer. Nobody really cares what you look like when you first wake up without any makeup. You’re pretty without a filter. We get it.