Google has been proved to be furious for “Spammy” websites since it has launched the PENGUINE Update on 24th of April. Many high rank websites have lost their rankings and have been faced defeat in “battlefield of rankings.

This update, no doubt, is very effective in banning spam sites but it is also fact that some

This update has no doubt been very effective at finishing spam sites, but many believe that some unlisted lawful sites also have been suffered it, they raise a voice on Google’s forum.  This is not unnoticed by Google. Google’s search quality team designed a form to be used by webmasters to let the Google know how much unfair penguin was to them.

In spite of using unnatural SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques you are still fixed on first page, is not an evidence of your safety. Google has announced that these update will be revised. Every Webmaster must expect a lot of change in search engine results Page (SERPs)

Hay! Don’t feel bad, if you have used some shady link building tactics before, don’t bother things never get too late to be corrected. The time has come to “whiten your hat”. Just improve the SEO techniques. I am here to provide you some precious link building tips. These tips will assist you in surviving the Penguin Update and also will help you in safely improving your ranking for a long period.

Tip #1 – Get More Social, influence Your Fanbase

If you are not social, it means you are promoting the contents you post on your site or blog. Just posting an original content is not enough you must promote it on social sites. If you are lazy in being social you have to find such plugins that will help you on one click. Twitter feed is one of them, which help you in promoting your site contents.

There are many sites which post new, original and fresh posts but don’t bother to promote it. It is proven that without sharing the until you don’t show your contents to your fans it is useless to have fans and to post the contents. By showing your contents on social sites you can win a lot of things as, bonus points in terms of SEO, a wide spread of your content on web. Re-tweets. It means you can get many benefits by getting social. An amazing Win!

Tip #2 – Link Your Inner-Page

Don’t be foolish by making the stupid mistake of always linking to your home page. It is obvious that your home page is very precious for you but don’t forget that you inner pages contain the real and more contents of your site .the inner pages are very important factor of your site. Your real readable stuff is at inner pages rather than at home page if you have noticed a website which has many links naturall not forced links. They have most of the links of inner pages. The example of such website is DE-MOS,

If you feel some laziness in doing this all procedure you can use plugin like SEO Smart Links that can automate the whole procedure.

Tip #3 – Diversify Your Anchor Texts

You are also endangered this year if you have applied the technique of over optimization. Google just doesn’t want you to force it to rank your site for a particular keyword.  If you are going to get a rank for “New York apartments for rent” it doesn’t seem logical that all your link parterres link you for this pet keyword. Google feels it very non serious that all the linkers link your site with exact keyword so you must diversify the keyword so that link building seems natural to the Google.

Logic also says this, different linkers will obviously use different key phrase. So you must try to change the anchor links this will ensure the Google that you are not compelling Google to rank your keyword but you are just leading your visitor to reach their destiny. Intelligent

Always remember that Google is being much intelligent and can judge that your keyword relates to your content or not. Don’t underestimate intelligence of Google as Google can predict and bann the unnatural keywords links. I would suggest you to use such kind of keywords as, detail, learn more, such kind of keywords seem to be natural.

Tip #4 – Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Google has said this many times but it is more concerned this year, Google will not forgive you if you have thousands of backlinks from unreliable sites. Google doesn’t believe in quantity now it demands quality.

If you are indulged in guest posting, it can be assured that one standardized blogpost is better than thousands of low grade posts. As quantity matters little Quality matters a lot I have noticed many sites which are at high rank with just 30 to 40 quality links on home page while their competitors have thousands of low quality posts but still lack behind the quality containers. Also do a favor to yourself and avoid using shady link building tactics such as,

  • Mass directory submission
  • Automated type links etc

If you have seen a webmaster applying these and getting benefit, don’t feel bad as Google is going to punish them severely. If they are safe today they will be punished on another day. Google is not going to forgive them. It is 100% true that Google will not avoid these unfair webmasters.

Tip #5 – Make Your Content Link-Worthy

In the end I must say that your article must be read worthy because a read worthy article will definitely be link worthy. A low paid written article cannot save your site it cannot drag the user’s attraction it will prove to be just a mess on your site if I links the things I will link as

High bounce rate means worst user experience which in turn means low Google ranking that is not your task, as you want a high google ranking you must avoid the bounce. To avoid the bounce you must provide best stuff to reader so that the user retain with your site. Visitor will obviously leave your sit if he does not find a good stuff to read.

Keep in mind that the only thing which can save you is your content, see that high rank websites as Dmos has original and good stuff. Do you think they need link building to promote their sites?