Process of creating back up of files is actually about creating a copy of your original data for as complete restoration to avoid loss of data. For this purpose use of Online Backup Applications becomes important for storing files safely. In order to restore the data of your system there are several helpful software and application to create a back up of your files. The main effort of writing this is to put light over the some great Online Backup Applications for restoration of data.

The word backup is coined from two verbs back and up used as a commingle word to denote the restoration of files. One must secure his/her data before it become very late to make a restoration of files due to corruption of your hard disk and you lose the most valuable data of your system. Restoration of files through online backup applications is much effectively easier than restoring the data from one drive to the other external drive.

No matter whether you’re and IT professional, a power user of personal computer, a student or anybody else, you are required to have a backup tool ready every time to overcome the emergency situations. An online backup application is a great tool to restore your data with online schedule back-ups need to have a backup tool at the ready.

In general people don’t positively think over creating back up of their data, topping it over most of the people are not aware of restoring data with online applications. Here, we are creating a list of most efficient online backup applications that can be used by anyone can use for restoring the data.

Below we have discussed about 17 online backup applications to help you greatly:

I drive

I drive is great backup software available online in at no cost. It avails around 5 GB of back for free. One can store personal pictures, important data, documents and files. It is a popular software for restoring data of a PC efficiently.

File fort

With FileFort backup web application one gets a full control over to create restoration of data files with manual or with an automated backup process. This is great software that gives you a freedom to secure your data safely.


Box is a useful online backup management tool that avails you to store up to 5GB of data for free. With restoring software it is very easy to share your content securely with guarantee of 99.9% up-time.

Elephant Drive

ElephantDrive is another proficient storage application for taking backup of your data online. This is great software that provides an unlimited storage to restore with total support to server and network drives. It avails support to large and open files as well and let you own a multi-user set-up.

Ace Back up

AceBackup is a trustworthy back up tool that largely help us to generate a restoration of our entire data.

Memo Pal

Memopal is online backup restoring software available online for storing data. This tool actually create an archive of your files in real time to a emote server. By using this tool no matter you change your computer as many times, you can simply get your data easily from any internet location.


FBackup is online backup software available for free in order to storing data for both commercial and personal purposes. It automatically saves your data in a USB drive or in a intranet or other safe location on your network.


Mozy is an online backup which is known as the most trusted restoration tool in the world. By using this back up service one can create back up of the data continuously by manual efforts or scheduling the software.

Back Up 4 All

Backup4all is great backup software helps in protecting data of your system and save it from loss. It avail an automated process of saving the files for by compressing the data to save storage space.


Carbonite is software for creating file backup that provides easy and affordable process of restoring backup files and save them from any loss.


Backupify is a software known for its cloud computing services that avail daily automatic backups by simply archiving the data.

My Other Drive

MyOtherDrive is a wonderful data restoration backup tool that helps largely in securing files with an easy and private file sharing process.

Back Blaze

This internet backup application that automatically locate all type data from your and saves it securely. It saves your data on internet on the remote data centers of Backblaze.

Jungle Disk

Jungle disk let you protect your data files effectively and save them from any kind of loss like virus attack, theft, and any other natural loss. With this software you are able to share the data of your business very securely and safely. One can simply access the stored data from anywhere with internet.

Sugar Sync

SugarSync is efficient software that provides online file storage ideal services to busy professionals and to various customers as well. It let you create a backup with file sync and sharing services with which one can restore files documents, music files, picture files and videos too.

SOS Online Backup

SOS is another online application to create backup of your files that offers secure storage and transfer system. It offers backup services for larger data as well

Spider Oak

SpiderOak is a successful application that provides very easy, safe and secure way to create online backup for free up till 2 GB. It gives freedom to access the entire data with a single location point with its multi-platform synchronization. It preserves the history and deleted items as well.


Ahsay back up is wonderful software to restore large business backup data. One can store data easily by using this software.